THE WELL: "Iperuranio Film is excited to announce that Screamfest LA will host the October 12th North American Premiere of The Well, director Federico Zampaglione's latest film, a graphic supernatural horror. The Well will make its World Premiere at the Sitges Film Festival before heading to Los Angeles.

The Well stars Lauren LaVera (Terrifier 2), as Lisa Gray, a budding art restorer, who travels to a small Italian village to bring a medieval painting back to its former glory, unaware of the danger that she may unleash. Starring alongside LaVera is Claudia Gerini (Diabolik, Love and Bullets, John Wick: Chapter 2), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (City of the Living Dead), Taylor Zaudtke (Sadistic Intentions), Linda Zampaglione (Time Is Up), Jonathan Dylan King (From Scratch), Lorenzo Renzi (Romanzo Criminale), Gianluigi Calvani (The New Pope), Yassine Fadel (FBI: International), Melanie Gaydos, Stefano Martinelli and newcomer Courage Oviawe.

The Well is an Iperuranio Film production, directed by Federico Zampaglione (Shadow, Tulpa: Demon of Desire, Morrison), written by Zampaglione and Stefano Masi, and produced by Masi. Cinematographer: Andrea Arnone, SFX: Carlo Diamantini, Costume Design: Antonella Balsamo, Make up: Federica Puglielli, Set Designer: Blazej Wasiak. Jinga Films is handling international sales."

The Well at Screamfest:

  • Festival & Screening Details
  • TCL Chinese Theatre, Screen 4
  • Thursday, October 12, 9:00 PM PST


Watch the Horror Short Film THE RECIPE: "A housewife in the 1970's procures all the ingredients for a deadly dish that liberates her from not only her marriage, but reality itself."

"The Recipe" by Cameron Holly Dexter

Cast & Crew Handles:
Ashlynn Yennie: @ashlynn_yennie
Luke Barnett: @iamlukebarnett
Leah Grosjean: @leahgrosjean
Production Company: @peripheryroadfilms
Executive Producer: @jb_crystallake
Co-Writer/Producer: @lfvone
Producer: @dariusfrye1
Composer: @alexandertaylormusic
Head of Makeup and Special Makeup Effects: @alexandrabayless
Assistant Makeup Artist: @samanthachapmanmua
A Camera Operator: @mykola.light
Gimbal Operator and 1st AC: @happy_accidents
Keygrip: @lafayette_df
Production Designer: @moodtexturedesign
Sound Mixer: @marcosbutronjr

The flm is age-restricted and cannot be embedded, so head over to YouTube to watch it for yourself:


IT LIVES INSIDE on DVD: "Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, announces the release of It Lives Inside, available on DVD November 7, 2023.

Sam is desperate to fit in at school, rejecting her Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. When a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage to defeat it.

Sometimes, running from who you are is exactly where you need to be.

“It Lives Inside is a terrifying story deftly using a demonic entity to convey the isolating struggles of an Indian American teenager trying to find where they belong.” – The Blogging Banshee

The horror-thriller from first time director and screenwriter, Bishal Dutta, about a demonic entity and an Indian American high schooler stars Megan Suri (Never Have I Ever), Neeru Bajwa (Snowman), Mohana Krishnan (I Am Frankie), and Betty Gabriel (Get Out). The film is produced by Get Out’s Raymond Mansfield and Sean McKittrick.

It Lives Inside was the winner of the Midnighters Audience Award at SXSW 2023.

The film scored an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and is scaring audiences across the country."


Dark Sci-Fi Black Eyed Susan Wraps Production in New York: "Black Eyed Susan, the long-awaited third feature from cult underground filmmaker Scooter McCrae is currently in post-production. The stylishly spare, lo-fi aesthetic erotic science fiction feature was filmed on Super 16 in Brooklyn and other areas of Upstate New York. Its cast includes Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at NightWrong Turn), Marc Romeo, and ex-WWE Superstar Scott Fowler. Model Yvonne Emilie Thälker marks her feature film debut as the picture's titular character.

The project's synopsis reads:

Desperate for work, Derek (Maffei) accepts a job replacing his recently-deceased friend at a tech startup. Continuing to develop the company's innovative project means working intimately with Susan (Thälker), a bleeding-edge BDSM sex doll meant to receive and appreciate punishment as an integral part of her evolving AI. Derek will soon test the limits of his own desires and explore the nature of man and woman, pleasure and pain, and life and death in a morally uncertain future world.

Known for his previous SOV (shot-on-video) horror and sci-fi features Shatter Dead (1994) and Sixteen Tongues (2003), McCrae was overjoyed to lens his third feature on film stock. Says the director, "My so-called 'career' seems to have been built upon shooting on whatever format is least fashionable at the time, hence shooting on analog and digital video when film ruled the Earth, and now shooting film stock while the rest of the world has comfortably settled into digital capture mode. I guess I'm only comfortable when I'm an iconoclast."

Black Eyed Susan also marks McCrae’s second collaboration with legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, best known for his efforts with fellow countryman Lucio Fulci, the director of such horror classics as ZombieThe Beyond, and City of the Living Dead. McCrae and Frizzi previously collaborated on the award-winning 2015 short film Saint Frankenstein. "I think the driving force behind wanting to make another movie at all was to have another chance to work with Maestro Frizzi," says McCrae. "I'm incredibly lucky to count him not only as a friend, but a collaborator, and the music he conjured for Saint Frankenstein was so hauntingly beautiful that I wanted another opportunity to create more sonic magic together."

Black Eyed Susan is a co-production between Not the Funeral Home (The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs), Little Cannonballs, and the recently-launched Vinegar Syndrome Pictures (New York Ninja). It is produced by Justin A. Martell (Subspecies V: Bloodrise), Aimee Kuge (the upcoming Cannibal Mukbang), Seager Dixon, and Maureen Costello."