ZOMBIE DATE NIGHT: "Coming this summer, feast your eyes on Zombie Date Night. A 32-page comic book that tells the story of:

 Boy matches with girl.

Girl meets up with boy for a first date.

Boy and girl face a ZOMBIE INVASION!

From the messed up brain of Steve Urena, the guy who brought you fast killer sloths, (Slow Pokes) comes a horror-comedy that is full of zombies, romance, and even a grandmother fighting off a horde of zombies with a chancleta!

Drawn by Sergi Domènech, edited by Allegra Calderaro, lettered by Anthony Rella and colored by Joe Jensen, this unforgettable reimagining of the zombie genre is a hilarious action-packed thrill ride that will sink its teeth into you while leaving you on the edge of your seat."

To learn more and back this project, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steveurena/zombie-date-night-a-zombie-romance-horror-comedy?ref=user_menu


SQUATCH'D: "Concept Media, the production company behind Don’t F*** in the Woods 1 and 2, Failing Grace, and the upcoming Bigfoot movie Stranded, are bringing you a new horror/comedy web series about Bigfoot called Squatch’d.

“Squatch’d is a sort of comedic spiritual spinoff to our upcoming Bigfoot movie Stranded which had to halt production due to Covid. This also fills the time gap until we can get back into production for it.” – Chris Gierowski, Executive Producer

Stranded already has a distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing when it is completed.

SYNOPSIS: There are so many stories and legends about Bigfoot, but what if they were all wrong? What if Bigfoot has a different perspective?

“I’ve always been a Bigfoot fan and wondered what he would really be thinking about. And when Ryan Stacy came up with the title, we knew we had to make the series.” – Shawn Burkett, Writer/Director.

The series stars: Rob Collins as the physical Bigfoot standing at 6’7”, Andrew Moore as the voice of Bigfoot, Brittany Blanton, Shawn Burkett, Ryan Stacy, and more. 

The series will premiere the first of 6 episodes on Concept Media’s YouTube Channel on Tuesday June 22, 2021 and release weekly from there on."


GREEN INFERNO: "Earth is singing our requiem. You just haven’t been listening.

Corruption, injustice, rage and contagion have carved the remaining shreds of mankind’s naïveté into cruel focus.

Lurking on the periphery of our collective vision is a stark realization: our planet’s tolerance for the human pest has reached a burning point. Earth is at the end of its rope.

The world celebrates your demise.

Turbulent times call for new voices. With that in mind, Green Inferno claws up from the gloom to stake its claim on the world of Horror. Nineteen unique voices from around the world have gathered to share their dark visions with you…

Literary Horror and Comics collide in a terrifying miasma of Terrestrial Horror: tales of terror bound only by the constraints of our angry world.

From cruel comedy to nihilistic dread; from ghastly dinner parties, to aquatic leviathans, to rural bloodbaths, and all macabre stops in between; Green Inferno lives up to its central conceit:

The world celebrates your demise.

Featuring Work By:

  • Diane Barker
  • Bobby Bermea
  • Matt Blairstone
  • Michael Falotico
  • Kristofor Harris
  • Umiyuri Katsuyama w/Toshiya Kamei
  • Lorna D. Keach
  • Spencer Koelle
  • Jordan Kroeger
  • Michelle Lodge
  • Ian McGinty
  • Eric Neher
  • Lena Ng
  • Harry Nordlinger
  • Erica Ruppert
  • Blacky Shepherd
  • Marc Sorondo
  • Harrison Webb
  • Alex Woodroe

Edited by Matt Blairstone"

To learn more, visit: http://www.tenebrouspress.com/