Welcome to another horror round-up! Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon has added a few key cast members, the El Rey Network kicks off their 2nd annual 'Rip Your Heart Out' Marathon on Cupid's big day next weekend, and Portsmouth's Seacoast Repertory Theatre is hosting a special screening of Herschell Gordon Lewis' cult classic Blood Feast at the end of the month, featuring a Skype interview with the prolific director and a food competition amongst attendees.

The Neon Demon: Deadline recently reported that Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone, and Bella Heathcote have joined the growing cast of Nicolas Winding Refn’s in-development horror film, The Neon Demon. The roles of the new additions are not yet known. Elle Fanning and Abbey Lee will also star in the film, with Fanning set to play an “aspiring model who is caught in a world of beauty and demise.”

Shooting will commence in Los Angeles on March 30th, satisfying Refn’s desire to shoot another movie in the City of Angels (an itch he’s wanted to scratch since shooting 2011’s Drive). Currently, a 2016 release date is being eyed for the movie.

"The Neon Demon reveals a horror tale with a young female driven cast, written by NWR and Mary Laws.

About the origin of the movie, Refn said, “One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. Strangely, a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty. After making DRIVE and falling madly in love with the electricity of Los Angeles, I knew I had to return to tell the story of THE NEON DEMON.”"

El Rey Network's 'Rip Your Heart Out' Marathon: Like Italian horror flicks? Want to stay in this Valentine's Day? If so, El Rey Network has you covered:

Press Release - "Join El Rey Network in celebratingValentine's Dayand the Network's first anniversary on Saturday, February 14th at 10AM/ET with an episode of "El Rey Network Presents: The Director's Chair" featuring the master of the horror genre, John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, The Thing). Revel in the love turned "slasher" as the terror continues with the "Rip Your Heart Out" marathon, Italian style, beginning at 11AM/ET with seven classic Italian horror films including The Black Belly of the Tarantula, City of the Living Dead, Rats: Night of Terror, The Black Cat, Deathdream, Opera, and New York Ripper.

Below, please find the programming schedule for El Rey Network's "Rip Your Heart Out" marathon airing Saturday, February 14th at 11:00AM/ET through Sunday, January 11th at 3:30AM/ET.


"The Black Belly of the Tarantula" at 11:00 AM
Inspector Tellini investigates serial crimes where victims are paralyzed while having their bellies ripped open with a sharp knife, much in the same way tarantulas are killed by the black wasp. As suspects keep dying, Inspector directs his attention to a spa all the victims had a connection with.

"City of the Living Dead" at 1:15 PM
A reporter and a psychic race to close the Gates of Hell after the suicide of a clergyman caused them to open, allowing the dead to rise from the grave.

"Rats: Night of Terror" at 3:15 PM
One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavengers above in the wastelands. A group of scavengers on bikes come across a town infested with flesh eating rats, and soon the gore is spilling everywhere.

"The Black Cat" at 5:30 PM
American honeymooners in Hungary are trapped in the home of a Satan- worshiping priest when the bride is taken there for medical help following a road accident.

"Deathdream" at 7:30 PM
A young man killed in Vietnam inexplicably returns home as a zombie.

"Opera" at 9:30 PM
A young man killed in Vietnam inexplicably returns home as a zombie.

"The Black Belly of the Tarantula" at 11:45 PM
[See description above]

"The New York Ripper" at 2:00 AM
A burned-out New York police detective teams up with a college psychoanalyst to track down a vicious serial killer randomly stalking and killing various young women around the city.

To find El Rey Network in your area please check out the channel finder at http://bit.ly/ElReyChannelfinder

About El Rey Network
El Rey Network is a new 24-hour English language network founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Curated by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, the network unites the most culturally diverse generation in history through fearless, badass and original content that awakens the renegade in everyone. The network's action-packed content is anchored by original signature dramas, feature films, grindhouse genre, cult classic action, and horror/sci-fi. El Rey Network LLC (www.elreynetwork.com) is jointly owned by Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures with a minority stake held by Univision Networks & Studios, Inc.

Blood Feast Portsmouth Screening: His work influenced generations of horror film directors, so if you're on the East Coast on February 25th, consider pointing the hood of your car towards Portsmouth for a truly unique screening of Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast:

"Portsmouth, NH - "Seacoast Repertory Theatre and Let’s “B” Reel are proud to continue their award winning Red Light series with a screening of the cult classic “Blood Feast” on February 25th, 2015 at 7:30pm with an exclusive skype interview with the legendary director Herschell Gordon Lewis. In addition to the screening there will a “Make Your Own Blood Feast” competition with audience members bringing their own bloody and sweetly edible homages to the film.

“Herschell Gordon Lewis is an inspiration to the films that we show here at the Let’s “B” Reel and it is an honor to have him interviewed at this screening” says Timothy Fife, co-curator of the series. Among horror films, Blood Feast is one of the classics and the first to be categorized as a “gore film.” Without this film it would be hard to image a “Friday the 13th” or many of the horror films we know today. The film is one of the favorites of cult director John Waters, who famously touted the movie as “the Citizen Kane of gore films.”

“With a month full of love notes and bleeding hearts, we thought Blood Feast was a good juxtaposition for Let’s “B” Reel” sa’s Knate Higgins, special series curator for The Rep. “Im excited to see what people make for our (food) competition...It’s always hilarious watching us sample each and every entry, that’s worth the ticket price alone!”

Let’s “B” Reel presents Blood Feast runs one night only February 25th at 7:30pm. Bar is open at 7:00pm. Advance tickets are $10, and day of show tickets are pay what you want. Seating is limited and due to high demand, advance purchase is recommended. Tickets may be purchased online at www.seacoastrep.org, in person at 125 Bow Street Portsmouth, NH 03801, or over the phone at 603.433.4472."

Source: Deadline
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