If you've ever wished you could live in a world similar to the one in Game of Thrones (without the risk of being killed within a few minutes), then you may want to plan your vacation around Dragon Thrones, The Game Theatre's immersive medieval fantasy experience taking place at a real castle this summer.

Held from July 7th–9th at the Bryn Mawr College castle campus in Pennsylvania, Dragon Thrones will allow attendees to lead their own kingdom to glory or doom, depending on the choices players make. It's a real-life choose your own adventure experience, and you can learn more at Dragon Thrones' official website.

"About Dragon Thrones: The Immersive Medieval Fantasy Weekend Experience

While you will never actually get the chance to adventure across Westeros, this is definitely the next best thing, and unlike most people in Westeros, you can live to tell the tale!

Dragon Thrones is an original all inclusive medieval adventure weekend to be held this summer at America’s signature historic castle campus, Bryn Mawr College, minutes outside Philadelphia. Just like in Game of Thrones, you will be cast into rival Family House Kingdoms to scheme, wage war against, and secretly ally with, one another while also attempting other personal adventures as a character of high importance. Dragon Thrones is set in the realm of Cambria, where rival human family Kingdom Houses continue to wage war for control by uniting all of the Dragon Thrones, magical relics cast of out of remains of the Elder Dragons. The Kingdom that gains control of every Dragon Throne becomes the ultimate ruler of all the land. Meanwhile, a mysterious and mythical race of ancient half-human half-dragon warrior clans, known as the Draconians, are rising up again and returning to retake Cambria, the homeland they lost long ago...

Dragon Thrones is designed and produced by The Game Theatre, a gaming-centered event company that innovatively mixes live action role-play, tabletop gaming, and entertainment to create immersive social experiences. The creators, called “Game Directors”, have made Dragon Thrones with the philosophy that it will be easily accessible for anyone, for experienced players as well as new guests who have never tried anything like this before. Anyone is welcome at Dragon Thrones as everything is taught and learned during the event. No rulebooks to study! The event offers many options of social exploration so everyone can join our epic adventure!

Dragon Thrones runs July 7th - 9th, 2017, and all tickets are fully inclusive of room, food, catered dinner in the renowned Sir Thomas Hall, costuming, props, customizable character for use in the game, and access to all features, including the Larp, the MegaGame, campus side-quests, and the first ever live action role-play Escape Room.

Ascend the Throne… Summer is Coming!

Website: DragonThronesGame.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragonThrones/"

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