“He wants YOU for a best friend,” reads the bright yellow box adorned with images of a smiling, red-haired boy named Chucky. Nothing about this wide-eyed boy screams, “I’m going to kill you,” but what lies inside this box that Sideshow Collectibles sent our way is another story, one that is wonderfully rendered, expertly crafted, and, of course, downright sinister: Mezco Toyz’s Talking, Sneering Chucky doll (released by Sideshow), who has traded his “Good Guys” innocence for a knife.

This Chucky doll might be able to talk, but it’s his icy blue irises that first draw you in as they stare menacingly behind the transparent plastic of the box’s front display. A subtle drop of blood dangles from the bottom of the “Y” in “CHUCKY,” hinting at the underlying horror of this collectible and making you curious enough to open the box and unleash the orange-haired horror. But before you do, it’s hard not to just sit back and admire the box itself. Sideshow consistently releases collectibles in packaging that is just as carefully crafted as the products they contain, and Mezco’s box for their talking Chucky doll is not only great to look at (even with the slight crease near the bottom on mine), it’s absolutely integral to making it seem like this doll was plucked right out of the Child’s Play franchise.

Opening the box reveals the 15-inch-tall terror and his lone accessory, a kitchen knife. Chucky’s clothing is right on par with his early on-screen appearances—rainbow-striped sweatshirt underneath denim coveralls with the legs rolled up above tiny brown shoes—and while the Good Guys garb is impressively put together, it’s once again Chucky’s nefarious noggin that steals the show. Freeing Chucky from his plastic prison and holding his eleven-pound frame up close (but not within stabbing reach of your eye sockets, unless you’re feeling really adventurous), those incredibly lifelike eyes make you think that Chucky is going to spring to life and start choking you… or at the very least, blink.

There’s no way that this Chucky is going to lose a staring contest anytime soon, though, so you might as well move your gaze farther up his smooth brow to his hairline… and what a head of hair it is! Still slicked back and smooth (before his vicious killing sprees would cause it to get a little messy), his bright orange hair is impossibly soft to the touch and can even be tucked behind his ears, lending this figure another eerily authentic touch. But, despite how realistic his hair is, it’s his vocal cords that really make this doll come to life.

Chucky can speak six different phrases with the simple push of the button on his back (beneath the “X” of his overalls, be sure to flick the switch from “Try me” mode to “On” mode to fully activate all six phrases). Featuring both Brad Dourif’s chilling vocal performance as the murderous doll and the high-pitched, cheerful Good Guys voice, Chucky’s six phrases range from “I hate kids” to “time to play,” to Chucky’s maniacal laughter that you hopefully never hear at night just as you’re drifting off to sleep… The vocal recordings have great audio quality and can easily be heard a good distance away, or even within a crowded room (just in case you want to bring this Chucky doll to your next family get-together).

If his voice doesn’t creep you out, then maybe Chucky’s knife will. Although it really only fits in his curled right hand, the knife is still a great accessory, and the vertical flexibility of Chucky’s arms allows for plenty of poses with the blade held threateningly high in a ready-to-strike position. Although the knife is the only item to come with this Chucky collectible, the doll’s creepy voice counts as a weapon all its own.

Due to high demand, Mezco’s Talking, Sneering Chucky doll is currently sold out (and was priced at $94.00) on Sideshow’s site. If you’re a diehard Child’s Play fan, or you’re just looking for a creepy doll to freak out your friends, then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up if it becomes available again. And if you can’t find it on the secondary market, don’t despair. Mezco recently brought back their Talking, Scarred Chucky doll due to popular demand. So perhaps it will only be a matter of time before we see a re-release for this collectible, because as this Chucky doll says, “You know what they say, you just can’t keep a Good Guy down.”

To learn more about the Talking, Sneering Chucky doll, visit Sideshow’s website, keep an eye on Mezco's site, and check out our photo gallery below.