After appearing on In Flames' album covers for decades, the iconic mascot Jesterhead is coming to life in a new graphic novel (titled In Flames: The Jester’s Curse) and limited edition "Clock Maker" limited edition action figure from Z2 Comics, and we've been provided with exclusive preview pages to share with Daily Dead readers, as well as a look at the collectible figure!

Created and sculpted by Blake Armstrong, and based on Jesterhead's appearance on In Flames' upcoming album Forgone (slated to be released by Nuclear Blast on February 10th), the "Clock Maker" Jesterhead figure will be released in the spring of 2023 along with the new graphic novel, which was written by Armstrong, Ben Laverock, and Scott Bramble, and features artwork by Scott Dewey and Armstrong.

Below, you can check out our hellish preview pages and the official press release with additional details, and to learn more about In Flames: The Jester’s Curse and the "Clock Maker" limited edition figure, visit:

Press Release: NEW YORK CITY -- Z2 Comics and Swedish metal pioneers In Flames are proud to announce the release of a new limited edition action figure based on the band's iconic mascot, Jesterhead, which will appear alongside the new graphic novel In Flames: The Jester’s Curse.

The Jesterhead "Clock Maker" limited edition action figure is a 3D representation of the character's appearance on the upcoming album Forgone, coming out February 10th courtesy Nuclear Blast. Throughout all existence, the Jesterhead oversees the entirety of time, collecting it from those who would bend to his will. The figure, limited to 1,000 numbered units and created/sculpted by Blake Armstrong, is mounted on a full color display blister pack backer card and features a glow-in-the-dark clock face.

Armstrong says, “It’s been incredible collaborating and building worlds with In Flames these past ten years — and creating a proper figure based on that collaboration is just next level. The music and art of Forgone is so special to me, I couldn’t be more excited to have a Jesterhead figure based on that design. Here’s hoping this is the first of many!”

Clint Weiler, VP of Collectibles at Z2 Comics says, "I'm super stoked to debut Z2's very first action figure—and the first of many. Having Blake's ultra-detailed sculpts and designs to work with have resulted in an imposing and mysterious icon now ushered from notes and chords to reality. The radness of the final product speaks for itself."

First debuting on the cover of In Flames' second studio album, "The Jester Race," the Jesterhead has appeared on every studio album ever since. The Clock Maker appears on the cover of "Foregone," In Flames' fourteenth studio album and in The Jester’s Curse the band's debut graphic novel from Z2 Comics.

In Flames: The Jester’s Curse channels the post-apocalyptic fantasy behind the quintet’s world. This surreal tale follows the band’s grim mascot, Jesterhead, as he emerges from the Wasteland, where he finds himself trapped in Dead Eternity—a distorted reality where worlds collide and nightmares thrive. The tortured figure attempts to recover his lost memories... but the devious Whoracle Queen wants him first.

“We’re passionate fans of the comic book medium,” In Flames explains. “We’re proud to contribute to that tradition with The Jester’s Curse. This is your first descent into our dark fantasy universe, based around our trusty mascot—the Jesterhead! Get in and get lost!”

Overseen by Blake Armstrong, the graphic novel features writing from Armstrong, Ben Laverock, and Scott Bramble with art from Scott Dewey and Armstrong.

Z2 Comics and In Flames present The Jester’s Curse in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions. The deluxe hardcover will come with a print triptych by Blake Armstrong. Oversized platinum editions will come signed by In Flames with an elegant slipcase and the triptych art prints. Z2 Comics will also exclusively release the single “The Great Deceiver” in a crystal-clear 7-inch vinyl with etched B-Side, limited to 500 copies, as well as a limited-edition Jesterhead action figure. All of items are set to release in Spring 2023.

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About In Flames:
In Flames represent the best of metal’s past, present, and future. In Flames are as vital and even more energized today than when they unleashed classics like Come Clarity and Clayman in decades past. The band built a stunning reputation with devastating, crowd-moving, inspired performances around the world at every major rock and metal festival imaginable, headlining multiple treks, and touring with the likes of Slipknot, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Killswitch Engage, Within Temptation, and Lamb Of God. They regularly headline some of the biggest stages and festivals in the world. Foregone, the furious fourteenth studio album, combines the greatest aggressive, metallic, and melodic strengths of their landmark records with the seasoned songwriting of their postmodern era. A sense of pride, accomplishment, and continued vitality are evident every time the band takes the stage, and all over Foregone. Melodic death metal pioneers and innovative purveyors of groove, the artistry, influence, stature, and future of In Flames loom as large as the heavy metal horizon itself.

About Z2 Comics:
Recently dubbed the "Hottest brand in music" by Forbes, Z2 Comics has quickly become the premier destination for authentic graphic novels and collectibles, created in partnership with top-tier artists, musicians and pop-culture icons. Distributed globally via Simon & Schuster, Z2 has produced 50-plus unique graphic novel properties, collaborating with Gorillaz , Blondie, Elvis Presley, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Pantera, Tori Amos, Last Podcast On The Left, Emily Hampshire, Balmain Paris, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Jason Derulo, The Grateful Dead, Machine Gun Kelly, Sublime, Beethoven, RZA, Mötley Crüe, Vince Staples, Cheech & Chong, The Doors, Anthrax, Public Enemy, Ronnie James Dio, King Diamond, All Time Low, Ivan Moody, Yungblud, Cypress Hill, Babymetal, Major Lazer, RZA, Alter Bridge, Sturgill Simpson, Poppy, John Lee Hooker, and Charlie “Bird” Parker. Learn more at, and follow us on Instagram (@z2comics) and Twitter (@z2comics).

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