Easily one of the best movies I've seen this year, Corinna Faith's The Power follows a trainee nurse, Val (Rose Williams), who is forced to work the night shift at the decrepit East London Royal Infirmary in 1974. With mandatory power outages scheduled each night, Val must face her fear of the dark head-on while caring for patients, and while she just hopes to make it through the night, the potentially haunted hospital and demons from her own past have other plans.

A masterful and timely horror movie that is as thought-provoking as it is genuinely scary, The Power is now streaming on Shudder, and I highly recommend that you make time in your schedules and space on your watch lists for this gem of a film.

For Indie Horror Month, Daily Dead recently had the pleasure of speaking with writer/director Corinna Faith over Zoom, and she discussed her unforgettable experience making The Power, including setting the film in the ’70s, casting Rose Williams, filming in a potentially haunted location, and her film's empowering and vital message.

[Photo Credit: Above photo courtesy of Laura Radford/Shudder.]


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