Indie Spotlight

2012/06/19 14:34:07 +00:00 | Jonathan James

We're back with the latest installment of the Indie Spotlight. Today's feature includes a zombie comedy, two horror teaser trailers, a Treasure Chest of Horrors sequel, a 5-page Dracula World Order preview, and more:

Beverly Lane: The zombie comedy Beverly Lane is now available for is now available on DVD and as a digital rental:

"Beverly Lane follows a local metal company as they celebrate the retirement of their longtime boss with a "Coney Island" themed party. Bored & angry, the workers find themselves stuck with clowns, a magician, a mime, and one very sick barbershop singer. Then all hell breaks loose...literally! Stuck between zombies and a sideshow, the workers must learn to survive with each other or die trying."

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Teaser Trailer for Scopia: Take a look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming supernatural thriller Scopia:

"Basia (Joanna Ignaczewska) is an ordinary polish girl who lives and works in London. After a hypnotic regression session with her therapist, Edward Stanton (Louis Labovitch), she taps into a part of the mind that should never be meddled with. With the natural balance of her existence becoming increasingly unstable, Basia's world becomes very strange and eventually spirals into a perpetual nightmare oscillating erratically around time and space. A traumatic experience from her past combined with her fragmented and distorted present, push her mind and soul to it's limits and beyond."

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"Out There" Wraps Up Filming: It has been announced that filming has concluded on the post-apocalyptic horror film Out There:

"The film stars Conor Marren(True D) opposite sexy actress Emma Eliza Regan (Love Eternal, The Shadows) with Johnny Carey as Mr. Flin and Cian Lavelle Walsh (Walt) in supporting roles.

‘OUT THERE’ which was written and directed by Plunkett. The film concerns the emerging psychological drama when an unconscious Robert, (Marren) waking up dazed and confused in isolated woodland and tries to piece together what has happened. He and his young fiancée Jane (Regan), find themselves fighting for survival, as all is not well in the clam tranquil countryside."

Learn more about Out There at:!/OutThereTheMovie


Treasure Chest of Horrors II: WildEye Releasing will give Treasure Chest of Horrors II a DVD and VOD release:

"Wild Eye is the company behind indie the hits Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, Blitzkrieg, and The Disco Exorcist (which is also releasing June 19th). WILD EYE will be giving the film a DVD and VOD release in the near future...

From Executive Producer's James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures and directors Doug Waugh, Shawn C. Phillips, and Alex Powers comes this HORROR ANTHOLOGY starring Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary 3D) Shawn C. Phillips (Don & Murph), Joseph Frantz (CKY & VIVA LA BAM), and Miles Dougal (Detroit Rock City & Chillerama) The anthology is hosted by Mona Screamalot (Veronica Ricci)."

Synopsis: "Mona Screamalot, along with her crazy family, prepares you for six short horror films from deep within her trashy treasure chest. This anthology features party killers, giant killer babies, an angry murderous child, a bacterial infection like no other, a murderous cross dresser,a killer in the woods, and Satan. Oh yeah, don't forget the buckets of blood."

Learn more about Treasure Chest of Horrors II at:  OUR LInk


Zombie Girl Diary: Production on Zombie Girl Diary recently started and a new teaser has been released:

“Zombie Girl Diary is a phenomenal film in the making starring Jim Krut and Jimmyo Burril. It is a story about a mother and daughter fighting to survive throughout a zombie apocalypse. Along the way they encounter other survivors and come together to make their way through this crazy world, now turned upside down. You’ll have to watch our film and see who makes it out alive!”

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Gold Rush: We have the official plot synopsis for Gold rush which is in pre-production and begins filming  later this month:

"After a member of a ghost hunting team dies on live TV, their show is cancelled, and the leader, Alison Ross, finds just what they need to hit it big again: A haunted mining camp ghost town filled with cursed antiques.

Alison and her team of paranormal experts travel to the Sunshine Mining Camp, isolated in the Sierra Nevada mountains, for a weekend investigation. Their van is mysteriously sabotaged, and they are trapped with no contact to the outside world. When a team member is killed, they realize something is hunting them.

The legend of Sunshine tells of a sinister shadow creature that caused a series of deaths in the 1800's. As they investigate, the team pieces together the clues to the macabre force that stalks them and struggles to find out why the past is repeating itself. Alison discovers she and another team member, the skeptical scientist Sarah, have a strange connection with the haunted history of Sunshine.

The terror escalates until the real menace is revealed in a showdown that keeps everyone guessing."

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Preview of Dracula World Order: "Featuring an all star cast of today’s best artists and written by Ian Brill, DRACULA WORLD ORDER tells the story of how the greatest villain of all, Count Dracula, takes advantage of a world on the brink of economic collapse. In a world where the top 1% of the population are vampires, the rest of the human race are prisoners…or the 1%’s next meal. Dracula’s own son Alexandru leads the 99% in rebellion against the Vampire elite – in a battle that will leave you breathless."

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