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2012/03/18 16:38:52 UTC

We're back with the latest installment of our Indie Spotlight. Today's feature includes a Q&A with Resident Evil 5's Michelle Van Der Water and actor Nick Eversman:

Accident Release: Shout! Factor will release Accident to Blu-ray and DVD on June 12th:

"Not all accidents are caused by fate! This summer, get ready for a new breed of action suspense thriller that plumbs and exposes the weaknesses of the human psyche. On June 12, 2012, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Media Asia, will debut the acclaimed Hong Kong feature ACCIDENT on Blu-ray, DVD and available on digital entertainment platforms. Nominated for a Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival and a festival favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival, ACCIDENT is a masterfully crafted thriller that combines stylish visuals, edge-of-your seat suspense, and violence. This highly anticipated North American home entertainment release features insightful bonus content and is a must have for Asian extreme action fans! The Blu-ray is priced to own at $26.97; the DVD has a suggested retail price of $19.99."

To pre-order or for more information, visit:

Upcoming Horror from Figure of the Day: Robbie at Figure of the Day let us know about their upcoming horror offerings:

Monday March 19 - Bioshock - Big Daddy Bouncer Ultra Deluxe Action Figure $24.99 with a 10% savings!
Tuesday March 20 - Resident Evil - Alice 1:4 Scale Limited Edition Statue $159.99 with a 40% savings!
Wednesday March 21 - Night of the Living Dead - Karen Cooper Limited Edition Bobble Head $21.99 with a 10% savings!

For more information, visit:

The Dead Hour Season 2: We have information on The Dead Hour Season 2, which recently premiered its first new episode.

"The Dead Hour is a new webseries from the creators of the indie horror film The Wretched. In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and Tales from the Crypt, The Dead Hour is an anthology series that will bring new original webisodes from the horror, fantasy, thriller, slasher and sci-fi genres to the web every other week."

Episode 5: Gross Anatomy- Everyday in the hallowed halls of academia, young men and women devote themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. Tonight, the pursuers become the pursued. Will their book smarts save the day or will this prove to be their final exam?

To watch the latest episode or learn more about The Dead Hour, visit:

Q&A with Michele Van Der Water:

1. Hello Michelle, Thank you for taking the time to talk with Daily Dead. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your acting work?

I really love to work in film, but it's also great being able to do tv. You can check out my full bio here:

2. Our readers will be excited to know that you are the face of Sheva from Resident Evil 5? Can you tell us more about your experience on the game?

It was a regular modelling casting call. I didn't know what it was for because it was kept very top secret. After I got the job and turned up to work, they explained what it was for RE5. Honestly, I knew nothing about the game at that point! I sat on a stool for about an hour, while a special camera rotated around me, taking pictures of my face from every degree. I had to make facial expressions and emit emotions, just like the character would in the game. It was really fun and exciting.

3. Do you play video games regularly? If so, what games are you currently playing? Did you play through Resident Evil 5?

I wouldn't say in play on a regular basis, but I do like to play! Most recently I've gotten into LA Noir, maybe it's because I love the old Hollywood theme. The acting is also really good and I really like how it challenges your choices, to the point where every outcome is different. I also like playing Red Dead Redemption, the graphics are awesome although all the horse back riding is tedious! I think the first game I really enjoyed was Grand Theft.

4. Will you be doing any additional work for future Resident Evil games?

I hope I'll get the call again, even better would be for one of the films! Although it is pretty cool to have my own action figure :)

5. Do you enjoy horror/zombie movies? What are some of your favorite? or which movie scared you away from watching them?

I would have to say my favorite all time horror movies are The Exorcist (Directors Cut) and 28 Weeks Later (28 Days was also really good). I love Danny boyle's movies. I most recently watched Paranormal Activity 3 and I couldn't go in my closet for a couple days, it was so scary in a really unique way. Reminded me a lot of Blair Witch. That movie freaked me out because I saw it before it got promoted, back when everyone thought it was "real". I prefer to see suspense movies than straight up blood and gore. My favorite vampire movie is Lost Boys, it was groundbreaking. I will definitely never ever see any of the SAW movies!!!

6. Please tell us about your upcoming movie Teeth and Blood.

I play a detective who goes undercover as an actress on a movie set, to investigate the death of a movie star. I won't spoil the ending, but it involves vampires, shady characters, and a whole lot of gory scenes. It was a really fun shoot!

7. Do you have any upcoming work on horror/sci-fi projects? Let our readers know where they can see you next.

Well, I've had to leave I've the dark side for now to move into the second season of "Single Ladies" on VH1, which airs in May. I play an evil socialite in the Atlanta scene, so I may very well moonlight as a vampire! But I'm always up for working on another Sci-Fi or Action Film (or both) so be sure to put the word out...


Nick Eversman Q&A

1. Hello Nick, Thank you for taking the time to talk with Daily Dead. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your acting work?

Sure! Yeah I'm pretty normal guy from the midwest. I moved out to LA a few years ago to fully pursue acting. I recently have done a few things, anywhere from Ghost Whisperer to Hellraiser to Cinema Verite, and now my newest thing is Missing, which comes out March 15th 8/7 Central on ABC.

2. You appeared in Hellraiser: Revelations. Prior to joining the film were you a fan of the previous installments? What attracted you to the project?

I was more into 'Nightmare on Elm Street' films... I don't think my parents would have let me watch Hellraiser. Actually for a long time I called Pinhead "Nail-brain".

3. Unfortunately, you weren't able to work with Doug Bradley on the film. The fact that he was missing the film was a major issue for fans of the series. Were you aware that would be the case prior to joining the film? What was your experience filming the movie like and what are your thoughts on the final product?

I did know about missing Doug. I can certainly understand why the fans would be upset. When you take the original Pinhead out it can for sure leave a void. It would have been an honor if I had the chance to work with him on this. The shooting itself was pretty challenging, given the fact that it was started and finished within a two week span. You had to move pretty fast and be able to adapt to that kind of schedule. I learned a lot.

4. What are some of your favorite horror/zombie movies?

Nightmare 1, 3, and the New Nightmare; George A. Romaro's 'Night of the Living Dead'; 'Shaun of the Dead'; 'Nasferatu'; and does 'Young Frankenstein' count?

5. Can you tell us a bit about your current project, Missing?

Its the story of a mother who goes looking for her son when he is kidnapped in Rome, starring myself, Ashley Judd and Sean Bean. It was totally a dream come true cause I was able to play this total action hero type guy, while still being allowed to be skinny. I try to keep my career as diverse as possible.. I've done comedy, horror, drama, so the next logical step was action. It was a lot of fun to film cause it was like being in a Bond movie every single week.

6. What was it like to work on Urban Explorer that won Screamfest last year?

Really friggin cool. I got to spend a month and a half 70 feet underground in hidden tunnels from old Nazi Berlin. That was a huge rush for me, as hunting out 'haunted' types of locations is kind of a hobby for me. And if that wasn't enough I also got to be chased by a murdering madman. We had some pretty crazy moments on set though. There were a few times that we were almost all arrested because of being in places where we shouldn't have been.

7. Do you have any upcoming horror projects on the horizon?

Not at the moment, but I'm always willing to get cut in half or have my face ripped off. At least for the right reasons...


[Resident Evil Image via Geekadelphia]