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2013/05/26 17:08:40 UTC | Tamika Jones

Razorjack-boxWe return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes details on The Lost Tree and The Visitant, trailers for A Grim Becoming and Horror Hotel, and much more:

Trailer for The Lost Tree: "Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” “Kill Bill: Vol. 2”), Lacey Chabert (“Mean Girls,” “Part of Five”), Scott Grimes (“Robin Hood,” “American Dad”) and Clare Kramer (“Bring It On,” “The Rules of Attraction”) will star alongside Thomas Ian Nicholas (“American Pie,” “American Reunion,” “The Rules of Attraction”) in Brian A. Metcalf’s new horror/drama “The Lost Tree.”

Written, directed and produced by Metcalf, “The Lost Tree” is centered around a man, Noah (Nicholas), who is guilt-ridden for the death of his wife, Emma (Kramer). He travels to an isolated cabin in search of peace and isolation. But he soon learns of the dangerous surroundings of the area.

Madsen is set to play the role of John, Noah’s dad. Chabert will play Jenna, Noah’s best friend and coworker while Grimes will be Alan, a real estate agent."


The Walking Dead Nominated for Designer Toy Award: The Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman, his Skybound imprint at Image Comics, and are thrilled to share that you can vote for The Walking Dead Michonne and Her Pet Zombies Mini Figures as Best Media Tie-In at the Designer Toy Awards. You can vote once a day at the Designer Toy Awards to show your love for Rick Grimes and company, especially our favorite katana-wielding badass, Michonne. Robert Kirkman states, "We’re very proud of the Michonne and pets figures we created in collaboration with October Toys, and it’s great to see them getting this recognition.” Michonne and her Pet Zombies were sculpted by George Gaspar of October Toys and created exclusively for Skybound last fall. Only a limited quantity are still available at Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic book series and graphic novels are the bestselling graphic novels since 2011.


First Details on The Visitant: "A horror film and video game by Nick Peterson and Jon Heder, [The Visitant] stars Doug Jones as THE DEMON. Doug is a true master of bringing character and personality to unique creatures. Amy Smart as THE MOM. She'll keep the fear and the high emotion of a mom scared to death to face the unknown, but does it to save her daughter? Creature designer - Steve Wang. As a veteran special makeup effects artist and creature designer from films like Hellboy I & II, X-Men: Last Stand, The Predator, and Underworld. COMPOSER - CHRIS BACON. Most recently he's been writing like crazy for the new Bates Motel series on A&E.

The game will tell the origin story of the demon as an RPG set in the world of the 1930's dust bowl. The story is about a father who makes a deal with a demon to accomplish a series of tasks to save his dying family. Here are some early beta released stills from the game so nothing is final. We're excited to take you from a poor dust bowl farm, into the bowels of the demon's lair and beyond. Instead of discovering the water he needs to save his family, Spencer finds a demon willing to offer him oceans of water in exchange for one night of service.

There's no better way to learn about filmmaking than by hearing about it firsthand. We'd love to share how this film is being made in a more intimate setting than just a one-sided blog where it's hard to get intimate knowledge of the process. You can gain access to special Google Video Hang Outs that we're going to do at the end of each major phase of the film being made: Pre-production, Shooting, and Post Production. You'll be able to ask questions and talk directly to Nick, Jon, Doug, and if he's not too busy pushing clay, Steve too. If you ever wanted to learn what a grip is or what a producer actually does or how certain special effects are made, join us and find out."

To stay up-to-date on the film's progress, visit:


Teaser Trailer for A Grim Becoming: "Raphael is a young, bitter executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar architectural deal when a sudden death in his family forces him to return to his home town of Metzburgh.

As Raphael returns to Metzburgh, he experiences a life changing event: witnessing a Grim Reaper taking a soul. This sighting results in Raphael becoming a Reaper and having to explore his own conscience and the lengths he will go to get his own life back. But Death has other plans for the naive young executive.

A Grim Becoming stars Bill Oberst Jr., Jessica Cameron, Lynn Lowry, Melantha Blackthorne, Devanny Pinn, Michael Sciabarrasi and Brandon Williams."

For more information on this film, go to:


Magic, Monsters, and Me Details: "With his new book, MAGIC, MONSTERS, AND ME, veteran actor/stuntman/screenwriter Jim O'Rear invites the public inside his life and into the crazy world of entertainment. In this autobiographical tale, Jim discusses his twenty-five year history in the horror genre and provides an honest look at what it takes to make it as a professional in the film and television industry, through personal experiences and humorous yarns.

Part life-story... part how-to book... MAGIC, MONSTERS, AND ME is a unique “must read” for anyone trying to break into the entertainment industry... written by a pro who shares career tips and tells it the way that it is without pulling any punches. It is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats."

For more information on Jim O'Rear's new book, visit Amazon.


New Trailer Released for Horror Hotel: "We have now released the trailer for the pilot episode of Horror Hotel. Two burglars steal the mummified hand of a famous magician and find out what it means to come up a little... short handed. Frequent Horror Hotel director, Brandon Thaxton gives you a ‘Tales From the Crypt’ inspired episode."

The pilot episode is titled "Houdini's Hand", and it stars Tony Folden, Montrel Miller, James Edward Thomas, Mike Bend, and Debbie Hess.

To learn more about this webseries, go to:


Bloody Dreadful Now on Amazon: "The first book of my SLG Publishing series BLOODY DREADFUL is now available to purchase on Amazon! Covering issues #1 and #2, it tells the complete first story (“What Lies Ahead”) of my Victorian horror anthology!

A grave-robber makes his living nightly interrupting the slumber of the deceased and looking for anything that might be of value. But valuables and trinkets are not the only thing this poor digger discovers, but also the untold stories of the people he unearths; tales he tells to his faithful companion, a dog known only as “Bloody.” Bloody Dreadful is a horror comic series by Justin Sane (Heart of a Corpse) that exposes all of the dirty little lies and secrets that people take with them to their graves."

To learn more about Bloody Dreadful, visit:


Trailer and VOD Details for Fractional: "Tied to a chair, alone, cold and without food or water, psychiatrist John Hatchett awakens in an abandoned warehouse. John’s only weapon is his mind and he must use it to full effect to outwit, David Crowe, a man who is not of sound mind and claims to be a former patient. John has a past that he wishes to remain a secret. A secret David Crowe is willing to do anything to reveal.

The movie is available now worlwide on VOD through the distrify platform. It will be available soon through other distribution networks including DVD."

For more information on Fractional, visit the film's website at:


Details on Desper Hollow: "It begins when hardheaded mountain matriarch Granny Mustard decides she wants to live forever. Then she dies. Her slow-witted but equally hardheaded granddaughter Jenkie decides to pick up the ball and run with it, taking Granny’s unperfected immortality moonshine recipe, a socially-inept friend named Bink, and dreams of fame and fortune to an abandoned, isolated trailer up in Desper Hollow.

But slow-witted doesn’t stand against the terrible mountain power Granny initiated. Jenkie’s experiments with the immortality moonshine only worsen the trouble with Granny’s original recipe, bringing dead critters and a few stray folks back to a state of hungry, vicious, mindless animation. Now a stash of the living dead is locked up in the back of the trailer, a howling herd that has Jenkie terrified. And Armistead, one of the red-eyed living dead, seems way too alert for comfort.

The Early 50 program provides an opportunity for our readers to get signed, numbered editions of our titles along with the eBook edition for FREE so that you can read the book before the book is available. Only 50 copies are available for pre-order. Our Newsletter members get the first opportunity at the 50, followed a week later by the general public."

For more information on Desper Hollow, visit:


Second Trailer for Promised: "Prior to the creation of Man, one Archangel knelt before another, bowed his head and made a promise never to change his view of him, no matter what happened.

Set in a real world environment, the story thrusts you into the aftermath of a broken promise between Archangel Michael and his closest brother in arms, Lucifer. Feeling betrayed, Michael places the fate of humanity in his own hands."

Promised was written and directed by Bulent Ozdemir, and it stars Alan Stenson, Andrew Dowbiggin, and Remie Purtill-Clarke.

To keep up-to-date with this film, visit:


DVD Release Details for The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger: "Black Fawn Distribution is pleased to announce the official release of their third DVD title “THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER”. Distributed in Canada by Black Fawn Distribution (If A Tree Falls, Devil’s Night) “THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER” is a fun, campy throwback horror film to those old 80’s VHS horror flicks that you could usually rent at you’re local video store.

Directed by newcomer Brad Mills, “THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER” is filled with cheesy one liners, campy gore and eccentric performances.

“THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER” is now available online and where indie movies are sold across Canada!"

For more information on this film, and to watch it online, go to:


Preview Pages from RazorJack: "[Here's] a preview of the fantastic artwork from this fully remastered collection. This is the ultimate edition of RAZORJACK. Fully remastered with restored art, all-new dialog and two brand-new short stories – Deadfall and A Glimpse Of Summer."


First Trailer for The Devil of the Bayou: "The Devil of the Bayou is part of an anthology collection called FrighTEN. 10 short films. 10 directors. 10 sub genres of horror. The anthology is set to be released this fall!

A couple goes on a search to find the infamous "devil", the girlfriend is the non believer, and of course, all hell breaks loose!

The film is short and right to the point, and we've considered that if the response to it was good, that we'd turn it into something more!"

For more information on The Devil of the Bayou, visit:


First Details on Private Room: "Actor and Director Hakan Yildiz is getting ready for his new short film called Private Room set to start in 2014. The film will be shot in Istanbul, Turkey with well known actors around Europe.

A young tourist visits Istanbul and he rents a shared apartment with others. He doesnt know whats waiting for him there."


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Horror Movie Trailer: "There's nothing scarier than spending a Saturday night alone. Check out this new “horror” trailer with Anna Camp from the CollegeHumor channel as part of YouTube Comedy Week."


Comic-Con Infographic: Heading to the San Diego Comic-Con this year? We'll be covering the event live and hope to meet up with Daily Dead readers who are attending. The event has grown from a smaller comic-focused convention to full entertainment event, that attracts over 100,000 each year to see the latest comics, movies, games, and collectibles. We thought readers would be interested in the infographic below that shows how much this event has grown.

San Diego's Colossal Comic Convention by

Special thanks to for supplying this infographic!

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