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2013/11/10 19:33:09 +00:00 | Tamika Jones

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes a teaser trailer for The House of Forbidden Secrets, UK distribution details for Banshee Chapter, information on a line of handcrafted zombie dolls, a trailer for In Fear, first details on Dead Bounty, and much more:

The House of Forbidden Secrets Teaser: "The House of Forbidden Secrets had it’s national premiere in Las Vegas, NV at the PollyGrind Film Festival on October 11th, 2013, where it won 6 awards, and has also been chosen for the South African Horror Festival this Spring, the Italian Fantafest in 2014, the British Raindance Film Fest for 2014 as well as the X-Fest with many more festivals to follow. It was shot last Winter and Spring in Kansas City. The film stars many local actors and actresses to Kansas City, but also includes genre icons such as Lew Temple (Walking Dead, Unstoppable, Halloween 2, Devil’s Rejects), George Hardy (Troll 2), Dyanne Thorne and Howard Maurer (ILSA films), Allan Kayser (Night of the Creeps, Bubba from Mama’s Family), Ari Lehman (Jason from Friday the 13th) and Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Films (creator / actor from Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke Em High, Poultrygeist). Among the Midwest locations used were two of the nation’s largest haunted houses, The Beast and Macabre Cinema.

The film is in many ways an homage to the Horror films of the 70s and 80s, particularly the Italian Horror imports that would play Drive In Theaters and Grindhouses in America. The lighting, camera compositions and feel of the film are classic Horror yet still modern, Refreshing yet familiar, bringing that style of the masters such as Fulci, Carpenter and Argento to a new audience. Even the special effects and make-up is old school, 99% of the effects in the film are done practically, with no digital manipulation."


The Colony DVD Release Date: "By 2045, humans have built weather machines to help control the devastating threat of global warming, but when these machines unexpectedly break down the planet is plunged into sub-zero temperatures and sent into the next ice age. The lucky few that remain are forced to live underground in bunkers to escape the extreme cold.

Briggs (Fishburne) and Mason (Paxton) are the leaders of one such bunker, Colony 7. After receiving a distress signal from a neighboring bunker, Briggs leads a dangerous mission into the frozen wasteland determined to discover their fate. Upon arrival they discover a desolate place with walls covered in blood and a savage threat much worse than anything they've encountered before. If Briggs & his team are to ensure the continued existence of survivors all-over, they must battle to protect their fellow colonists in what might be humanity’s last stand.

We are thrilled to bring you a truly spine-chilling dystopian vision of the future starring the legendary Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton - ‘The Colony’, out on DVD 20th January 2014 through Entertainment One."


Zombeiz, Handcrafted Zombie Dolls: "Zombeiz are handcrafted, adoptable zombie dolls. Each arrives in a painted Z tote bag, along with an adoption certificate, unique name and re-birthday. Zombeiz are special humanitarians that actually have a heart for helping others. Fifty cents from each adoption goes into a annual fund that will be donated on July 17th of each year. Last year was breast cancer research and helping hungry children. What these zombies lack in braaaaaiiins ... they make up for in heart!"

To learn more about Zombeiz, or how you can purchase one of these dolls, go to:


Details on Limited Edition Lockjaw Prints: "Here's the Lockjaw prints from the show! A limited edition giclee print, signed and numbered, and only 50 available."

To learn more about this limited print, or how to purchase one of 50 left, go to:


4th Annual La Samain du Cinema Fantastique: "Between thrills and sueurs froides, the fourth edition of the festival of La Samain du Cinema Fantastique was held in Nice, Cote d'Azur from 22 October to 2 November 2013. Praised by many public (sold out screenings of films competing attests), this festival - with a total attendance of 5,775 people for this edition - is recognized by his peers (Fantastic Fest, Frightfest, Screamfest), and now considered as a rendez-vous for lovers of genre cinema during the Halloween period in France. Among the highlights of this edition, the Zombie Walk of Nice totalizes a record with 900 zombies walking on the new Central Park (recently opened) from the city of Nice.

ANTISOCIAL by Cody Calahan (Canada) SOULMATE by Axelle Carolyn (United Kingdom)

The fifth edition of la Samain du Cinéma Fantastique will be held from October 28 to November 1, 2014."

To learn more about this festival, go to:


'The Family' Trailer and Release Details: "Green Apple Entertainment (A division of ITN Distribution) and Primal Motion Pictures are proud to announce the release of the dark, gritty thriller "The Family" which arrives on DVD November 12th 2013.

Directed by Joe Hollow (“Disciples”) and Wolfgang Meyer (“15 till Midnight”) - The Family” tells the story what happens when a family of degenerate filmmakers decides to put together the ultimate snuff film masterpiece and the group of young people who find themselves as unwilling co-stars.

The controversial film brings together horror icons Tony Todd (“Candyman”), Kane Hodder (“Hatchet”) and Michael Berryman (“The Hills Have Eyes”) along with slew of genre up and comers including: Angie Savage (“Sons of Anarchy”), Shannon Lark (“The Psychic Experiment”), Mark Hanson (“A Blood Story”) and Tawny Amber Young (“American Girls”).

Pre-orders are also available now at retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster and Amazon."

To learn more, visit the film's Facebook page at:


Banshee Chapter UK Distribution Details: "Awarded ‘Scariest Film’ at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, as well as the ‘Scariest Movie Award’ from Total Film at this year's Film4 FrightFest, the newly formed Intense Distribution and fast rising indie label 101 Films are delighted to announce they have acquired all UK rights to ‘Banshee Chapter’ for distribution in early 2014.

Written and directed by Blair Erickson, produced by Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) and starring Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs), Katia Winter (Dexter, Sleepy Hollow) and Michael McMillian (True Blood), ‘Banshee Chapter’ focuses on a young journalist with an appetite for controversy, as she follows the trail of a strange government research chemical that might have caused the death of her close friend. The events in this film are based on real documents, actual testimony, and evidence researched and uncovered from decades of a terrifying secret program run by the CIA."


In Fear Trailer and UK Release Details: "In Jeremy Lovering’s chilling debut, a young couple fights to survive one night-turned-nightmare. Driving to a music festival, Tom and Lucy have plans to stay at a countryside hotel. But with hotel signs leading them in circles and darkness falling, they soon become lost in a maze of country roads…and the target of an unknown tormentor. Reminiscent of vintage psychological thrillers and bolstered by newcomers Iain De Caestecker and Alice Englert in its main roles, In Fear plays out in real time and hinges on a claustrophobic, unrelentingly tense visual style. Looking to shed pretense and genuinely scare his actors, Lovering withheld the script and often concealed what was about to happen to them. Add a dark forest, and the fear became real. Though propelled by visceral thrills, the film transcends genre and offers a study in fear itself, creating a cerebral fable in which fear—of the dark, of the unknown, of ourselves—governs our nature, compels our choices, and may well seal Tom and Lucy’s fate.

Studio Canal will release In Fear in UK theaters Next Friday, November 15.

Written and Directed by Jeremy Lovering, [In Fear] stars Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures, Ginger & Rosa), Iain De Caestecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Allen Leech (Downton Abbey)."

For more information on this film, visit:


The Mangled First Details: "Sexy scream queen Jacqui Holland (Dead Ringer, Desperate Housewives, Monsters in the Woods) has signed to star in The Mangled, the first installment in an intended new horror franchise that boasts a salivating cast of horror icons.

The project sees Holland join an ensemble cast of recognizable horror favorites including Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), and Kane Hodder (The Friday the 13th series).

Written, produced and directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II, The Mangled tells the bloody tale of a family celebrating a 25th anniversary on a rainy night in Southern, Texas. When four twenty-something's come pounding on their door desperate for help. And one of them serious injured. But as the night goes on, we find out the Bates have secrets of their own."

To learn more about this project, and to support its progress, visit:


Dead Bounty First Details: "While on the search for a fleeing felon, “Dead Bounty” (Directed by Jordan Pacheco) follows a group of bounty hunters, lead by 'Bosk' (Tony Moran) and 'Henry' (Timothy Patrick Quill), who head into a vast New England forest in hopes to capture a dangerous man. Closing in on their quarry, the group encounters more than just a murderer on the run when they are confronted with a seemingly endless horde of the undead. With no shelter, no help and no end to the carnage, survival seems hopeless.

Horror Icon Tony Moran, who is best known for playing Michael Myers in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978), plays the role of 'Bosk' in the film. To prepare for his role, Moran shaved his head and grew out facial hair. Moran, who is also a producer on “Dead Bounty” stated that he has never shaved his head for a role in the past. Fellow bounty hunter, and veteran actor, Timothy Patrick Quill (Army of Darkness, My Name is Bruce, Spider-man) plays the role of 'Henry'. Moran and Quill play the senior bounty hunters who have seen it all and wise beyond their years. Moran's character, 'Bosk' is known at times to not follow the rules. Newcomer to the group, 'Hannah' played by Cate Carson questions Bosk's approach and sets up for a dramatic relationship within the team. The other bounty hunters, 'Jr.', played by Jim Baker, and 'Colt' played by David Carpenter round out the group with their strong performances.

“Dead Bounty” has plans for a Fall 2014 premiere."

For more information, head over to the film's Facebook page at: or official website at:


New Episodes of 'Release the Hounds': "Horror is a reality as multi-channel network Collective Digital Studio (CDS) showcases a brand new horror game show, Release the Hounds, on CDS’s Metacafe and BlackBoxTV on YouTube in a groundbreaking approach to bring a hit UK show to audiences worldwide.

Release the Hounds, produced by UK-based Gogglebox Entertainment, features three unsuspecting contestants who enter a forest at dusk in a quest to unlock chests full of prize money. Little do they know that in order to win big, they have to face the scariest challenges ever endured on TV.

To locate the keys to the chests, contestants must enter a field of crucified scarecrows, descend beneath the floorboards in a deserted cabin, and read bedtime stories in the nursery from hell. But the ultimate challenge for them all is to out-run a pack of hounds, trained to guard the cash. If they manage to escape, the money belongs to them. And if they don’t, the horror has just begun.

Filmed in a remote forest from dusk through the dead of night, Release the Hounds takes the game show concept to a frightening new level. With Show Host Reggie Yates as their only connection to the outside world, the contestants must progress through each horrific challenge by keeping their wits and working together.

The first episode of Release the Hounds premiered on Halloween on CDS’s Metacafe and on BlackBoxTV on YouTube."

To watch more episodes and videos for this show, go to BlackBoxTV's channel on YouTube at:


Scorned DVD Release Details: "The Bard once wrote: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Shakespeare, hang on to your plume because you’re about to meet Sadie… On February 4, 2014, Anchor Bay Films releases Scorned, a story guaranteed to make any man eternally faithful! Directed by Mark Jones, director and writer of the cult favorite Leprechaun series, Scorned will be available for Blu-ray and for DVD. Pre-book is January 8, 2014. It will be available On Demand across select cable providers and for digital download across iTunes, Xbox and VUDU.

Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord, 2nd Place, Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Actress: Excision) and Kevin (Billy Zane, Titanic, Border Run, Bloodrayne) have decided to spend a romantic weekend together at his lake house. But when an unexpected – and unfortunate – text from her best friend Jennifer (Viva Bianca, “Spartacus: War of the Damned”) to Kevin reveals a lurid love affair between the two, Sadie spirals into a hunger for revenge that is without mercy.

Created along the lines of Misery and Fatal Attraction, Scorned is both a multi-dimensional study of a twisted, tormented character and a seductive thriller. It is the story of a woman overcome with a fury that is unheard of in heaven and unmatched in hell!

From Portsmouth Pictures and Horsehead Pictures, Scorned is directed by Mark Jones and written by Jones and Sadie Katz. Seth Willenson is Executive Producer and Charles Ison, Lance Thompon and Martin Sprock are Executive Producers / Producers."

For more information on Scorned, visit:


Preview of Dead Future King Comic: "King Arthur rises from the dead to a realm he suspects is Avalon, only to discover that he has awoken instead to a future post-apocalyptic England ravaged by zombies. As he acclimates himself to this new world he discovers that his return is for the sake of reclaiming his kingdom in order to save humanity from the zombie scourge."

For more information on this comic, visit: or


Truth or Dare Screening Details: "Director/Scream Queen Jessica Cameron’s new horror film, Truth or Dare has won 5 awards including two for “Best Feature.” The world premiere screening of Truth or Dare took place at the Arizona Film Festival where it won the “Best Horror Film” honor. Cameron’s twisted horror tale then headed to Las Vegas where it won “Favorite Film” and “Best Woman Director” at the Pollygrind Film Festival. Halloween saw the Utah premiere at the Salty Horror International where it took home “Best Special FX Makeup” for the work of Carrie Mercado.

The plot of the film revolves around 6 friends who find internet stardom when they make “truth or dare” videos online. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play. Nothing is what it seems, and everyone has something to hide...

Cameron produced and co-­wrote the film with Jonathan Higgins. Truth or Dare has screened at the Twin Cities Film Festival in St. Louis Park, MN and the Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival in Bruges, Belgium.

The first 100 in attendance at the R.I.P. Horror Film Festival will get their very own “Truth or Dare Vomit Bag” with Halloween candies inside!
WARNING: Truth or Dare is an intense, violent, and graphic horror film. Although it is not rated, the film is not recommended for people aged 17 and under."


Tick Tock Trick Trailer: "A New Ghost Story from Deleted Scenes Ltd. Selik Manor draws in a group with a love of the gothic world. The visitors desire for history, ghosts and magic is excited inside. The themed hosts charm the guests in the haunted setting with words and tricks. Zuri is secretly psychic and becomes aware of a dark unseen presence. They must all make their choice when to leave as time ticks by. Written and Produced by Marlon Edwards. Directed by Bronwyn Edwards."

To learn more about this film, visit:


The Monster Channel Launch Details: "Fourth Castle Micromedia, best known for the EMCE Toys and Cinefantastique brands, has partnered with UK-based ROK TV to migrate “The Monster Channel” from online to multi-platform digital VOD.

The new venture converts the three-year old horror channel from an online-only linear channel to a subscription video-on-demand channel with almost 500 features, shorts and music videos, accessible via mobile, tablet and television set-top boxes.

It will be one of several channels in a low-cost subscription package launched by UK-based ROK TV which will also feature hundreds of films in the drama/romance, westerns, comedy, war, scifi/fantasy, martial arts, music and animation genres.

Launched in 2010, The Monster Channel was the first 24/7 horror channel to feature built-in social activity before the Twitter boom, letting viewers interact with each other during programming. It featured classic and modern horror films, indies and skits, most of which were presented by a variety of colorful “horror host” personalities.

The launch will be a tiered rollout, available first on the iOS platform (iPhone/iPad) and online, with Android and ROKU apps following shortly thereafter. Plans to add a 24/7 channel with linear programming like the channel’s current incarnation are in the works as well. Subscriptions are $2.99 US (£2 in the UK) per month, will include all of ROK’s genre channels and platforms as they launch, and can be registered at"

For more information, go to the ROK's Monster Channel Page at:


Bedfellows and Saw Misgivings Details: "Terror always follows the phone call in the middle of the night."

"'Saw' meets 'Gavin and Stacey'. ‘Saw Misgivings’ is a comedy horror about a suburban housewife who’s preparing for dinner guests while being hampered a hapless husband and wearing a 'Saw' style medieval headtrap which could kill her at any moment. Will she escape death? More importantly, will she get dinner ready before her guests arrive?"


Better The Devil First Details: Alessandro Pulisci is a filmmaker from San Francisco, and just launched an upcoming short horror/black comedy film, Better The Devil.

"Better The Devil is a horror satire in the vein of Evil Dead or Cabin in the Woods about the Devil coming to Earth on a drinking binge and crossing paths with a couple of thieves posing as Mormons and two feuding sisters, one of whom is revealed to be obsessed with becoming the Devil's apprentice.

I also have an entry in the ABCs of Death 2 contest right now, so you can see my other work in the genre -"

To learn more about Better The Devil, and to support the film's progress, go to:


Amnesiac DVD Release Details: "In the wake of losing her baby, lonely Kate Faulkner has become dangerously obsessed with the occult, much to the horror of her only sister, Bec. One night, Bec and her boyfriend, Thom, visit Kate in order to try and make her see the danger of her obsession. Through the use of a Ouija board, they make contact with a mysterious spirit who offers to help Kate in her mission to find her dead son. But events soon take a menacing turn when the séance participants discover the true motives of the mystery stranger at their door and the dark, eerie place of child sacrifice known as Wyke Wreake.

A blend of supernatural horror and psychological drama, Amnesiac counts the cost of loss, guilt and reckless desperation as we delve into the life of one deeply disturbed young woman and the afterlife of one equally disturbed dead man.

Amnesiac is a psychological horror at its purest, chronicling the creation of a malevolent haunting born from the depths of a tortured mind at the heart of the film’s narrative. In true literary fashion, this narrative gradually subverts the viewer’s assumptions, eventually revealing the horrific truth hidden beneath layers of calculated deceit.

Amnesiac [is] now available on DVD!"


Crying Wolf: "From the director of ‘Deadtime’ and the greatly anticipated comedy horror ‘Cute Little Buggers’ Tony Jopia, comes the British comedy horror ‘Crying Wolf’.

Produced by Tirana Films International and Great Dayne Entertainment ‘Crying Wolf’ stars Caroline Munro, Gary Martin, Joe Egan, Kristofer Dayne and Ian Donnelly.

Due for release in 2014, the comedy horror movie, ‘Crying Wolf’ starts its tale in the small village of Deddington where prankster Andy is bitten by a werewolf that kills his friend Charlotte. Andy tries to warn his friends, but winds up turning them into a pack of werewolves. Enter a pair of hapless journalists doomed to a grizzly end, then add a pair of hard boiled vigilantes hot on the heels of the werewolf pack and before you know it, everyone’s ‘Crying Wolf' during a bloody camping holiday in the Cotswolds'."

For more information on Crying Wolf, visit:


'Playing With Fear' Documentary Details: "Playing With Fear is an independent exploration of the relentlessly creative world of horror video games. The project will shine a light on the stories behind the enduring classics, the ingenuity of the new harbingers of our digital nightmares, and the speed of technological innovation nurturing the global renaissance of interactive horror.

Across 2014 we'll begin production on a candid celebration of the world's most terrifying and exhilarating releases, observing the community at the heart of the survival horror revival, and exploring the possibilities and potential the future may hold. Our goal is to make the definitive documentary about the horror gaming genre and the talented people dedicating their lives to scaring the bejesus out of us."

To learn more, visit:


Ridge War Z DVD Release Details: "Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won't let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to recount their horrific experiences to an author who intends to write a book so that the world may better understand the sacrifice of the American infantryman during the great zombie war. It is a story of horror, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. This is war, scars and all.

Ridge War Z is currently available on cable operators such as Cox, AT&T, Verizon, Charter, SuddenLink and via Internet providers Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox and more! The official DVD is also now available at DVD retailers and on!"


Bloody Bobby: The Fall Creek Valley Massacre Teaser Poster: "Bloody Bobby: The Fall Creek Valley Massacre" was shot over the course of 9 days. Many professionals showed up to the set and everyone got along marvelously. Our shoots in San Pedro, Topanga Canyon and Woodland Hills all fell into place just the right way and we look forward to having it edited and ready by Halloween 2014!"

For more information on this film, go to:

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