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2013/12/22 18:59:27 UTC by Tamika Jones

Indie-DeptWe're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes VOD release information for Armistice, multiple teaser trailers, a Q&A with Matt Thompson from Bloodline, and a preview of Dept. of Monsterology:

Dept. of Monsterology: "Officially, it's the Department of Cryptozoology, Mythological Studies, Parapsychology and Fortean Phenomena. But to the rest of the students and staff at the Dunsany College, baffled by the cloak of secrecy that surrounds the Department and its affairs, it has another, more dismissive, name: The Department of Monsterology. Funded by the mysterious Hampton Foundation, the Dept. operates several field teams that roam the globe on extended research expeditions.

Their brief: to investigate the dark and unexplored corners of our world - the places we've forgotten, lost or believe to be mythical. And to study those things that may still be lurking there.

The first story arc introduces us to ancient monsters from the depths of the ocean, crystaline creatures from the caves of Eastern Europe, undead armies from the sands of Egypt, and the Department’s deadliest rivals of all...

Pre-order the four issues from your favourite comic book store now."

We've included preview pages from the first issue below. To learn more, visit:


Armistice VOD Release Details: "In the role of Royal Marine, A.J. Budd, Joseph Morgan stars in this brutal psychological and supernatural thriller, in which he finds himself trapped in the Warhouse. Imprisoned, he is forced to fight for his life against grotesque, inhuman opponents. He must kill every day or die himself. His one glimmer of hope comes in the form of a diary, left by a former occupant of the house, WWI Lieutenant Edward Sterling, played by Matt Ryan.

XLrator Media will be releasing Armistice on VOD on January 7, 2014 and in theaters on January 31, 2014."

Directed by Luke Massey, Armistice stars Joseph Morgan (Klaus on the CW’s "Vampire Diaries" and spin-off series "The Originals", Immortals), Matt Ryan, and William Troughton.


Second Trailer for Death Walks: "One night a shopping centre is attacked by a sinister force, those inside fight to survive while an outside world parties. Nothing is quite what it seems, nothing is straightforward, relationships are forged, trust is broken, and something truly evil and unexpected takes an upper hand. The ultimate battle of good and evil has begun... Death Walks.


The Undead Wolfman Toy Release Details: "Hot off the radioactive heels of the successful 8-Ball sofubi figure campaign, the Radioactive Uppercut is ready to unleash the 2nd figure in the Radioactive Rumblers monster toy line; the undead wolfman known as Bite-Size!

Bite-Size has been teased online in close-up detail shots for the last month. The full moon is now here and the full figure sculpt is revealed! Bite-Size stands at 4” tall, features 3 points of articulation and was superbly sculpted by the ‘titan of the Collectible Toy Industry’, Jean St. Jean Studios! The figure is in scale with 8-Ball and features the same size articulation joints.

Reveals for the first two colourway releases will be coming early next month, followed by a pre-order planned for late January/early February on the Radioactive Uppercut Storenvy. Stay tuned to the Radioactive Uppercut Instagram and Facebook pages for full release details and pricing."

To learn more about this figure, or Radioactive Uppercut, go to: or


Sorority Party Massacre Photos: "An isolated town full of sexy college girls has a dangerous secret: one girl has gone missing each year for the last 20 years. A big-city cop, in danger of losing his badge, agrees to aid the town’s sheriff in investigating these unsolved disappearances. Quickly they realize that they are dealing with a psychotic killer whose brilliance has been twisted into a taste for terror, torture and sorority sister torment. But when this party gets started, who will graduate – and who will be held back?

Beautiful sorority babes. An isolated island with nowhere to hide. A crazed killer targeting them one-by-one. Ah, the joys of higher learning... On February 11, 2014, Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes Sorority Party Massacre, a master class in girls, gore, carnage and comedy.

Directed by Chris W. Freeman and Justin Jones, and featuring a headline cast including Tom Downey (Mirror Image), Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”), Ed O'Ross (“Six Feet Under”), Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects), Richard Moll (“Cold Case”), adult film legend Ron Jeremy and new Scream Queens Marissa Skell, Eve Mauro and Yvette Yates. Sorority Party Massacre teaches old school terror exploitation. This party is comedy camp at its shocking, slashing, sexy best!"


Fat Chance Premiere and Release Details: "With post-production near completion on Deviant Pictures’ much-anticipated horror/comedy With post-production near completion on Deviant Pictures’ much-anticipated horror/comedy Fat Chance, featuring Dick “Michael Myers” Warlock (Halloween 2), Bree Olson (The Human Centipede 3), wrestling superstar Al Snow, and Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), producers Jim O’Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor have released the first poster for the feature film.

Fat Chance can best be described as “The Biggest Loser” meets “Friday The 13th.” Seeking fortune and fame, ten overweight men compete in a weight-loss reality show when a mysterious serial killer arrives to pick each of them off in disgusting and humorous ways. The film is a departure from Deviant Pictures’ previous gritty, award-winning horror flick, The Hospital (releasing worldwide in January), in that it captures the fun and humor of the summer comedies from the 1980’s and mixes it with horror elements that make you cringe and chuckle at the same time.

Fat Chance is scheduled for an international premiere at the Movie Days celebration in Dortmund, Germany (March 21-23), with select United States screenings scheduled soon thereafter."

For more information, visit:


Details on Deadly Revisions: "Director Gregory Blair’s moody horror film, Deadly Revisions, has completed production. This feature was shot in Los Angeles, with actors Bill, Oberst Jr., Dawna Lee Heising and Cindy Merrill. Deadly Revisions tells a terrifying tale of a writer trying to recover his memories, after experiencing an amnesia inducing coma. This title has already released a spooky teaser trailer. And now, several frightening stills have been released by Blair and Good Kids Productions!

This psychological thriller focuses on the character Grafton Torn (Oberst Jr.). Torn has lost his memory after recovering from a coma. He experiences nightmarish visions, involving murder. A hypnotherapist helps Torn remember his past life. But, Torn’s horror writing blends reality and fiction together, until nothing is real anymore.

Deadly Revisions is expected to bloody several film festivals in 2014!"

The film’s official teaser trailer is available at:


Lucky Bastard Red Band Trailer: "Lucky Bastard is a found footage thriller about a porn website run by Mike (Don McManus). Jay Paulson plays Dave, an eager young fan given a chance to sleep with the fabulous Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue), but everyone gets more than they bargained in the seemingly mild-mannered gruesome results.

Gotham-based indie film distribution company CAVU Pictures will be releasing the film, which stars Jay Paulson (Mad Men), Don McManus (Grand Piano, Lovelace, The Congress), and Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine). It will be released at the Cinema Village in New York and at Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in LA, and will expand into additional cities throughout the spring."

For more information on this film, and to watch the trailer, go to:


The Haunted World of Claire Wilmenson Episode Details: "The frightening, often horrific, and sometimes funny found footage misadventures of spunky teen Claire Wilmenson, her gamer boyfriend Branson, the troubled and telekinetic Emma, and the mysterious snuff film survivor Christian, continue every week exclusively on YouTube. This is the filmed document of their mission to find the answers to Claire's unnamed disease which lie deep in the bowels of Ohio's haunted Brier's Woods. It is a place shrowded in it's own bloody legacy that just may tragically be Claire's as well. Utilizing all the footage they record themselves, the footage they discover, and in the case of Claire's torturous Snuff Movie stalker, the footage they inspire, they are solving a puzzle fueled by the facts of video. If it's not on tape, it's like it never happened. Their hunt for the answers will take them from the eerie small towns of Ohio, to the famous Roanoke Island, with all the monsters and creatures that live in the darkness, from perverted slender men, to possessed slit mouth women, proving themselves all too real all along the way. No matter what they stay true to a mantra which often results in the shocking footage they present.

We're really pushing the first episode of Season 2. It's a better introduction as the series did start off (intentionally) slow, and to seem like more of a vlog."

The show is run by Dustin Austen and has a cast that includes, Claire Wilmenson, Branson Taggert, Emma Joe Jackson, and Christian Hartzler.


First Details on Z.O.V. The Movie: "Z.O.V. is a short horror film that tells the story of a group of people trapped in an underground panic room of a high tech lab facility after an experiment causes the lab cadavers to re-animate. Though they're from different backgrounds in the company, they must band together to find a way out. Tensions are high and the pressure is on.

What sets this story aside from others is that it is told COMPLETELY FROM THE POINT OF VIEW of one of the characters, Simon. We soon find out that Simon has been bitten and, in turn, infected. In a unique perspective, we watch him slowly turn into a zombie. We see his vision distort, his reasoning fall apart and the others around him become more and more "appetizing"."

To learn more about this project, and to support the film's progress, visit:


Bastard Teaser Trailer: "With an alternative look at the slasher narrative, Bastard throws newlywed hitchhiking serial killers, a suicidal cop, and a brother and sister on the run into a tense, whodunit, mumblegore-fest.

Big Bad Film is currently looking for studio funding for the production of Bastard, their first feature length horror film, shooting in 2014."

Directed by Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young, Bastard stars Ellis Greer Hooper, Dan Creed, Mary Katherine Malone, Will Tranfo, Justin Via, Brian Foyster, and Jeff Stewart.


The Expedition Details: "Deep in the Amazon jungle a Research Team lead by a respected Professor embark on an Expedition to protect vulnerable and endangered species.

After a series of strange events their superstitious guides abandon them and the team choose to remain deep in the jungle, dedicated to their project... but as night falls in the camp they begin to realize that all is not as it seems, and that they are in the hunting ground of a predator.... a creature they never could have expected.

Now they are the ones on the endangered list."

The Expedition was directed by Adam Spinks, and stars Sarah Mac, Ben Loyd-Holmes, and Neil Newbon.

For more information, go to:


Basketcase Limited Release Print Details: "This is the last release from us for 2013, and we couldn't be more excited. We sincerely appreciate all of the support you guys and gals have given us this past year. it's been incredible, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2014. it's gonna be HUGE and MONSTROUS!

Basketcase is one of my favorite B-horror movies of all time, and features deformities in a basket, blood, guts, and all around ridiculous special fx that will keep you laughing, in a good way. So, I wanted to create something sort of inspired by the movie, but also by the idea of being born with an angry siamese twin attached at your waist, and all it wants to do is feed on your friends. There’s something frightening and beautiful about that.


13 x 19 inches

Printed with Archival Inks on Velvet Cotton paper

Signed and numbered by Aaron Crawford

THIS PRINT IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 23rd, AND WILL NEVER BE REPRINTED. Poster edition amount will be determined at the end of sale."

To purchase the print, Deformed Brothers, go to:



The Rise of Valhalla Teaser Trailer: "The Third U.S. Army is only 20km away and is involved in fierce fighting with associations of the German "Waffen-SS". In the forests reigns the German resistance.

A small group of German resistance fighters follows the trail of a Waffen-SS Soldier through the woods to the Hessian border since days. After days without food the trail leads the soldiers to the foot of the hill called "Hüssenberg".

But instead of finding the persecutee the soldiers discover a place of horror. In the middle of the mountain there is a small German base. Certainly there is no living person left naymore and the entire outpost resembles a slaughterhouse. There are torn off body parts, impaled heads and impaled bodies everywhere. At the entrance of a small cave, the resistance force finds a diary which is bound into a leather.

As it turns out, General Wolff opened the gate to Valhalla with the help of supernatural forces under the authority of Himmler. Even before the resistance fighters can understand what happened, they are confronted with threat of another world, ZOMBIE Vikings."


First Details on The Poisoning: "Matt, with the assistance of his new friend Riley, is moving out to Los Angeles, California to fulfill his dream of making movies. Everything is off to a good start! That is until Matt's childhood best friend Chaps decides to crash the road trip and invite himself along. When old friends don't mix well with new friends, jealousy enters the picture. And if that wasn't enough to put a damper on the road trip, a menacing hitchhiker turns their world upside down leading to a maddening chase that spins wildly out of control.

THE POISONING is the feature film debut of writer/director Zachary Eglinton, and co-­produced/co-­written by Brandon Walz. The film stars Matt Mercer (CONTRACTED, MADISON COUNTY) and Kalan Ray (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: ORIGINS 3D) as well as Brandon Walz.

The menacing hitchhiker is played by Patrick Thomas Gorman (My Name is Earl) and Matt's wife Michelle is played by Joanna Sotomura (Emma Approved, Video Game High School)."

For more information on this film, visit:


Deadly Punkettes Trailer Released: Frolic Pictures has released the first trailer for the "girl band horror" film, Deadly Punkettes.


Bleedingcritic Reviews 'The Theatre Bizarre': "'The Theatre Bizarre' (2011) review written & presented by bleedingcritic."


Indie Spotlight Q&A with Matt Thompson from Bloodline

by Tamika Jones

You play, Brett, the main character in the film who has hopes of becoming a priest before finding out that may not be his destiny. What inspired this character and his back-story?

Matt: I was inspired by my own walk with religion and faith, how I have had my doubts and affirmations. Basically, the fundamental question we all eventually ask ourselves at some point "Is God real?". Brett, is a very conflicted character who is more or less "going through the motions" of becoming a Deacon. His late Mother wished that one day he would join the church; so when she and the rest of his family went missing years ago, he decided that we was going to walk the straight and narrow. However as a result of losing his family, he no longer had faith. Thus the ensuing irony that he would find out his own Bloodline had a very real curse attached to it.

Was it at all daunting to produce, star in, and direct Bloodline?

Matt: Extremely, I had done all of those roles separately and only together on short films up to that point. So I had an idea of the workload I was taking on, but I felt confident in my abilities. However, I no matter how prepared you might be, you don't know what you're in for till' you're in it. I found it extremely hard to be the best friend (actor) and the boss (director/producer). Having just finished another feature as only the actor, it's a night and day difference. But I believe I learned so many valuable lessons and can clearly see the potholes to avoid next time around. At the end of the day, the performances are rock solid and I am proud of the movie and what we accomplished.

This is the first theatrically-released feature film for Osiris Entertainment. Do you mind explaining how you got them on board?

Matt: Osiris had distributed the last film I directed, which was a success, so they wanted to do it keep our relationship going. I think it's the quality of the movie more than anything. It looks, feels, and is acted like a major motion picture. So that's how serious it's taken.

Can you share with us your most memorable on-set experience?

Matt: The final night of filming was actually the finally scene of the movie as well. The heavens opened up and it actually rained (major production value!) Not to mention we had five or so Sheriff cruisers, a fire engine (that got stuck in the mud). On top of all that, Kim and I had to jump in the freezing cold lake in the early hours of the morning. It was so cold I got hypothermia, and so I just used all of that chaos to propel the motivation for my character, which I think it just really worked out to be amazing.

What advice do you have for indie filmmakers who don't have a major budget but still want their films to have that major budget look or feel?

Matt: Pay attention to your monitor. If it doesn't look and feel like a movie in that. You're not going to be able to make it one in post either. I will actually shut down the set if I'm not liking what I am seeing, until we get it right. Also, get talented people in all your key positions. If you're working with a DP who's reel you haven't seen, because... maybe he's never DP'd before... I think you know where that's going. Lastly, always trust your gut, if you are the director, make sure you are heard and your "vision" is as clear on the screen as it is in your mind.

Do you have any future projects in the works?

Matt: I just wrapped "Branded", today actually, as Evan, with Jeremy and Jason London who play brothers the movie together. Awesome guys! Also, I am currently filming a SciFi television pilot called "Cristo".


To learn more about Bloodline, visit: