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2014/01/05 19:28:42 UTC | Tamika Jones

Muck-BoxWe return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes release details and photos from Muck, a teaser trailer for Stranger in the Dunes, the Truth or Dare Pajama Party event, the UK premiere of Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut, and more:

Exclusive Photos from Muck: "Muck is the highly stylized and hyper-violent middle chapter of a true horror trilogy that unfolds like a love letter to horror fanatics everywhere. Filmed completely on the Red Epic in ultra HD without any CGI, Muck simultaneously pushes the limits of what can be done both within the horror genre and independent filmmaking.

Starring Lachlan Buchanan, Jaclyn Swedberg, Lauren Francesca, Puja Mohindra, Bryce Draper, Stephanie Danielson, Laura Jacobs, Gia Skova, Grant Alan Ouzts, and horror legend Kane Hodder as Grawesome Crutal."

Release details for Muck are expected shortly and we've been told that a second film in the Muck trilogy is expected to begin production in late August. To learn more about Muck, visit the film's Facebook page at:


Truth or Dare Pajama Party Screening Details: "Are you ready for a pajama party and a bloody good horror movie? Scream Queen Jessica Cameron’s award-winning horror film, Truth or Dare is screening at the ShockfestFilm Festival in Hollywood, CA on Friday, January 10th at 11:55 pm. The event will be held at Raleigh Studios, across from Paramount located at 5300 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA.

The red carpet for the event starts at 10pm and it is going to be a pajama party so all guests are asked to arrive in the appropriate attire. Truth or Dare vomit bags will be provided to all in attendance. Director Cameron will be inviting guests to play a game of truth or dare with prizes such as limited edition t-shirts, pre-orders of the film, and signed photos of the cast. Cameron’s vicious feature, who she co­-wrote and produced with Jonathan Higgins, has won 9 awards, 3 of which are for "Best Feature.” The January event will mark the 8th year of the festival. Cameron and Higgins will be in attendance to present the film and host a Q & A after the screening along with actors Ryan Kiser and Devanny Pinn.

The plot of the film revolves around 6 friends who find internet stardom when they make "truth or dare" videos online. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play. Nothing is what it seems, and everyone has something to hide."


Stranger in the Dunes Teaser Trailer: "Delphine Chaneac ("Splice") stars in the new thriller "Stranger in the Dunes" from writer/director Nicholas Bushman ("Sandbar", "Union Furnace")."


Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut UK Premiere Details: "Film 4 FrightFest and 4Digital Media are delighted to announce the UK premiere of Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut, ahead of its special collector's Steelbook DVD release on February 10th 2014.

Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut - featuring an additional twenty minutes of never seen before footage, will screen with Director Timo Vuorensola and Producer Tero Kaukomaa in attendance at a special one off event at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square on Saturday 1st Februay 2014 at 6.00 PM.

The films director Vuorensola said, "This is the cut that I always wanted for the film - I can't wait for everyone to see this version, it's crazier,bigger and more fantastical than the first!"

Iron Sky, a partly fan funded feature, stormed box office charts last year causing widespread buzz for perhaps one of the most surreal storylines in cinema history.

The event will include special meet and greets, signing opportunities, one of a kind FRIGHFEST posters and chance to purchase signed copies of the film on limited edition, special steelbook format AHEAD of its general release on February 10th."

For more information on this event, or to purchase tickets, visit:


Antisocial DVD Release Date: "Breaking Glass Pictures, Monster Pictures and Vicious Circle Films are excited to announce the January 28th DVD release of Antisocial. The feature length debut of director Cody Calahan, which has been scaring up impressive reviews on the international festival circuit, Antisocial sees a New Year celebration between a small group of friends turn into a vicious fight for survival when a mysterious viral outbreak forces them to stay indoors.

Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world. With nowhere else to turn, they barricade themselves indoors with only their phones, laptops, and other tech devices. They use their devices to research the possible cause of this outbreak.

Information and video footage over flow their computers as they descend further into the cause and the ensuing chaos. As the virus spreads, the mood in the house changes from fear to paranoia. Who is safe? Who can they trust? Reality becomes blurred as they slowly discover the source of the virus causing the sickness...and there is no going back.

Hailed by Slant Magazine as a "biting commentary on the often addictive nature of online interaction," Antisocial is also available now on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and all major broadcast platforms. The DVD release will include a feature length commentary and behind the scenes footage."


Zombie Novel, The Blighted, Synopsis and Preview Details: "A horrific virus has spread across the globe, transforming the infected into ravenous, flesh-eating creatures. Humanity hangs by a thread. Those who remain struggle to survive in the new world.

The Blighted follows several story lines, including:

A research team in Suva, Fiji, forced to flee the island after their research facility is overrun. With them, they may hold the key to saving what is left of civilization.

A husband and wife in coastal Mississippi, forced to flee their enclave and search for a missing loved one. Along the way, they discover there are things much more evil in the world than the hordes of undead.

A sequel to this story is in the works, and the author "will be releasing the first 5-6 chapters every Friday until the book is published. Chapters 1 and 2 are already available."

To learn more about The Blighted, or to read the first few chapters, go to:

The Blighted (Reduced)

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