Currently in production is the upcoming indie horror film The Dinner Guest from the good folks over at Night Walker Cinema and we’re pleased to be giving fans their very first look at the project today with the exclusive debut of the film’s first trailer.

In The Dinner Guest, Eric and Jenn Pierce (Burt Culver and Amy Dowell) have plans to celebrate a special evening together but their night is suddenly interrupted by a sadistic intruder (Mike Burnell). Held captive against their will by this assailant with an agenda of his own, they must put everything on the line to survive and what comes next will shock you.

Night Walker Cinema’s debut feature film, The Dinner Guest is said to turn the home invasion sub-genre on its head with an ending so twisted that home invasion films will never be the same again. The Dinner Guest was written and directed by James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez.

Check out the trailer debut below and to keep up with production on The Dinner Guest, visit Night Walker Cinema’s Facebook page HERE and/or follow them on Instagram right HERE.

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