Brit Zom-Com Zomblogalypse Realeases on US and Canadian Streaming Platforms: "Brit Zom Com Zomblogalypse gets its US and Canada streaming premiere on Tuesday May 24th when it releases on US streaming platforms. The raucously funny film, based on the cult web series and shot in the UK, is being released by High Octane Pictures and will be available to purchase or rent on US platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, YouTube TVOD, Vudu and more. 

The movie follows the adventures of three anti-heroes Hannah, Miles and Tony (played by their namesakes Hannah Bungard, Miles Watts and Tony Hipwell, who also co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed the film) as they chronicle their time together as decade-long zombie apocalypse survivors. Ten years in and quite bored, the trio decide to make a movie, using real zombies as the monsters and recruiting a bunch of beleaguered survivors as the film crew.

Things unsurprisingly don’t go to plan as the zombies chomp through the cast and crew, with hilariously gory consequences. The film has completed an international film festival run, where it received multiple critic and audience accolades and Best Movie awards at most of the festivals where it screened."


NINJAVERSE: "Writer/director Junya Okabe, best-known for his acclaimed 2017 short film ZVP, which saw the mythical blind swordsman Zatōichi face off against the extraterrestrial Predator, is currently prepping NINJAVERSE, a thrilling sci-fi action film set in ancient Japan.

The filmmaker has set his sights on creating a pilot film project for the upcoming feature, which will consist of an eight-minute proof of concept that will ultimately become the feature.

In 1645 Japan, historically-known as the Early Edo Period, a giant extraterrestrial object crashes into the lush Hida Mountains. Three ninjas are ordered to conduct surveillance by the shogunate and encounter the wreckage of a gigantic UFO and strange extraterrestrial creatures. Contact with this advanced technology from outer space leads the three ninjas on a surreal quest, encountering bizarre phenomena everywhere they go.

An adventure filled with fierce aliens, shinobi warriors, a legendary blind swordsman, supernatural beasts, wild robots, and even a living giant statue, NINJAVERSE is a gleeful mishmash of Japanese culture certain to entertain fans of action, sci-fi, and horror.

Writer/director Okabe has assembled a stunning crew for NINJAVERSE, including cinematographer Takumi Furuya (GODZILLA: FINAL WARS, VERSUS), action choreographer Akihiro Noguchi (MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS), character designer Takaykui Takeya (SHIN GODZILLA, ATTACK ON TITAN), and producer Ko Mori (PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND, LORDS OF CHAOS)."

We've included the original short film below. To support the Kickstarter campaign, visit:


VENGEANCE IS HER NAME: "Vengeance is Her Name is going to be an unforgiving film about a woman known only  as Vengeance and her journey through hell. Unsure of who she is, and where she is at,  her only choice is to navigate through this alternate reality being presented to her. The  film is partially inspired by the divorce of writer/director Ryan Swantek’s parents. As of now the film will shoot in Sarasota in January 2023. "

Director: Ryan Swantek 

Writer: Ryan Swantek 

Executive Producers: Ryan Swantek, Jaclyn Hales 

Starring: Jaclyn Hales