Back in October, we showed you an infographic someone put together with kill stats from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. It was pretty good, but we now have the most extensive breakdown we've seen, detailing all on-screen zombie kills from the first season to the middle of season 3.

Not only does the infographic show the number of walker kills per character and a season breakdown, but also the weapon used, and they have details for each walker. We're sure this is going to come in handy to settle a dispute or two about deaths on the show. Also, keep in mind that season 3 is only at the halfway mark. With another eight episodes to go, it's likely that we'll see more zombie deaths in the third season than the other two combined.

We want to give a big thanks to the National Posts' Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson for putting this together, and hope readers enjoy the image below. Make sure to click and/or download the image below to view the higher-resolution version. Do you see anything they missed? Do you think Daryl will catch up to Rick this season? Let us know.

*Note: This infographic is 7.5mb so give it some extra time to download, especially if you're viewing this on a mobile device.