*Updated with the latest opening weekend box office results.* This weekend, horror fans everywhere found out that they float too when they grabbed their yellow rain slickers and flocked to see the new IT movie in theaters. Not even the creepy screen presence of Pennywise could keep moviegoers away, as IT has enjoyed the highest opening weekend box office in horror film history.

Box Office Mojo reports that New Line Cinema's adaptation of Stephen King's IT has raked in $123 million at the box office this weekend, breaking Paranormal Activity 3's previous horror film opening weekend record of $52.5 million. This release is also on the record books for the largest opening in the month of September.

Could IT break the record for highest grossing horror movie in the US? That spot is currently held by The Sixth Sense ($293 million), and IT setting a new record certainly seems possible with moviegoers not shying away from facing their fears and descending into the cinematic sewers on the big screen. With strong word of mouth and a positive critical response, the stormy skies above Derry are the limit for the massive box office success that IT looks to achieve.

No matter what happens in the following weeks, this is a tremendous start for an incredible horror movie and a great way to get theatergoers into the impending Halloween spirit. We'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more information is revealed, and we're very excited to see the positive impact that IT's success will have on the future of horror.


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