James Wan has been making the move from horror director to horror producer. He came up with the story and produced Demonic, which should see the light of day in 2104, and it's been revealed that he's getting behind a new horror project at New Line.

Titled Crawlspace, the story follows "a family that moves into a new house and immediately falls prey to strange occurrences. But what seems like a traditional supernatural thriller gets twisty when the rug is pulled from under both the family and the audience."

According to THR, Phil Claydon (Vampire Killers) will direct the movie and the screenplay has been written by Gary Dauberman (Swamp Devil). New Line is hoping to reproduce the success they had with The Conjuring and we wouldn't be surprised to see James Wan involved in more horror projects at New Line if Crawlspace does well.

This is another early announcement, so we do not have casting or additional production details at this time. We'll update Daily Dead readers as soon as more information becomes available.


Source: THR