American Horror Story: Coven may have just started, but Jessica Lange is already discussing the fourth season of the horror series. During a recent interview, she confirmed that she'll be a part of Season 4, but also mentions that it will be her last. At this point, a fourth season has not been made official, but the premiere of Coven was a record-breaking episode for American Horror Story and FX, so it's pretty much a given at this point.

When discussing Coven with BuzzFeed, Jessica Lange said that she'll do one more season, but "That’ll be it." While she didn't give a reason for wanting to stop after the fourth reason, she told them that it had nothing to do with the dark material:

"Whether or not Lange continues a writing career, she knows for certain that American Horror Story Season 4 will be the end of one era for her. But it’s not because the incredibly dark material has worn on her. “It was like, ‘OK. The end. I’m out of here. It’s Christmas. I’m going home,’” she says of her instant ability to shake off Asylum’s Sister Jude last year. “I have to say, in the early years, playing somebody like Frances Farmer, she would hover and she stayed around to haunt me for awhile,” Lange says of her 1982 role that earned her her first Oscar nomination. “The first time I played Blanche Dubois was the same thing,” she says with a sigh of the legendary Streetcar Named Desire part that she played both on stage and screen. “You just couldn’t get rid of them. But it’s gotten easier over time.”"

She mentioned that she does know where the fourth season is headed, but didn't provide any details, only saying "I’m very excited." It is important to mention that she could always change her mind between now and the start of Season 5. As Ryan Murphy recently pointed out, she's said that it will be her last year before:

via THR: "Every year, she says, "OK, that's my last one." But she's already committed to the fourth series. I can see American Horror Story going 10 years, 12 years, 15 years. I think it's limitless because it re-energizes every year, and I would love for Jessica Lange to be part of it every year."

Source: BuzzFeed