During this year's Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that a film adaptation of Stephen King's A Good Marriage was going into development. We haven't heard anything since, but it has been revealed that Joan Allen recently signed on for the lead role.

A Good Marriage is a short story that was part of 2010's Full Dark, No Stars. Joan Allen will be playing the role of Darcy Anderson, who "learns more about her husband of over twenty years than she would have liked to know when she stumbles literally upon a box under a worktable in their garage."

Stephen King wrote the screenplay and Peter Askin will be directing. While Askin is known for his documentary work (Trumbo), he recently directed the stage production of  Stephen King's Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Filming was previously planned to take place this summer in New York, but has been pushed up. A summer 2013 release date was being targeted.

Want to know a bit more? Here are Stephen King's comments about the inspiration for the story: "This story came to my mind after reading an article about Dennis Rader, the infamous BTK (bind, torture, and kill) murderer who took the lives of ten people--mostly women, but two of his victimes were children--over a period of roughly sixteen years. In many cases, he mailed pieces of his victims' identification to the police. Paula Rader was married to this monster for thirty-four years, and many in the Wichita area, where Rader claimed his victims, refuse to believe that she could live with him and not know what he was doing. I did believe--I do believe--and I wrote this story to explore what might happen in such a case if the wife suddenly found out about her husband's awful hobby. I also wrote it to explore the idea that it's impossible to fully know anyone, even those we love the most."

Source: THR
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