Since it was announced in May, many horror fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on Blumhouse and Miramax's new Halloween movie that will be executive produced by the director of the original Halloween, John Carpenter. While the news front for the project has been nearly as quiet as The Shape when he's stalking Laurie Strode, Carpenter commented on the film's status in a recent interview.

Speaking with Dark Universe, Carpenter revealed that a screenplay for the new Halloween film has not been delivered yet:

“We don’t have a script yet, so I can’t tell you what it’s about, but I guarantee you it’s about Halloween night and it’s about a masked killer!”

Carpenter also mentioned why he wanted to get involved creatively with this new Halloween movie in particular:

"I found myself bitching all these years about them making another one, so with this one I thought, well, maybe I can get in and help and make something I’m proud of instead of sitting at home grumbling."

A director and screenwriter for the new Halloween movie have not yet been revealed (Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton were previously attached, but that was back when Dimension Films still had the rights to the franchise), but we'll keep Daily Dead readers posted on further updates. For more recent comments from Carpenter, visit Dark Universe.

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