If you’re an Alien nerd like most of the Daily Dead team, then you’ll know that April 26th is a very special day. To commemorate LV-426, the moon where the unfortunate souls of the USS Sulaco found their very first xenomorph egg, 4/26 is officially Alien Day! And of course we are looking to celebrate in style on our Twitch channel! Join us on 4/26 at 8:00pm ET as we dive into Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s gonzo fourth entry of the franchise, Alien: Resurrection.

You may be asking, with classics like Ridley Scott’s dread-filled original and James Cameron’s action-packed sequel, why the hell would we be watching one of the most maligned entries in the series? Well, there are two reasons: A) I actually quite enjoy this film for all it’s silly, messy glory and B) it’s a wonderful opportunity to torture Daily Dead’s Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan James, who was foolish enough to actually request this film even though he’s well known for grinding his teeth whenever someone so much as mentions it.

Will Mr. James find that he’s softened on Alien: Resurrection after all these years, or will he confirm his deep dislike for clone Ripley and her bizarre Xeno-human baby boy? Either way, we should have a lot of laughs!  So join us at DailyDeadTwitch and follow along on the platform of your choice! 

See you on Alien Day!

  • Bryan Christopher
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