Fans of the sketch comedy show Key & Peele know that co-creators Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele had a tendency to tackle horror movies in their skits, and that love of the genre has now prompted Peele to write and direct an upcoming fright film for Blumhouse.

According to Variety, Jordan Peele is set to pen and helm the horror movie Get Out for Blumhouse and QC Entertainment. Get Out "follows a young African American man who visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s family estate." Here's what Peele had to say about the project:

“‘Get Out’ takes on the task of exploring race in America, something that hasn’t really been done within the genre since ‘Night of the Living Dead’ 47 years ago. It’s long overdue.”

It's not yet known when filming will begin on Get Out, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details as they surface. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Peele directing Get Out? Did you enjoy his takes on the horror genre in Key & Peele?

Source: Variety
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