After last week’s home media offerings were rather meager, this Tuesday’s releases have come back with a vengeance, as we have a ton of fun titles to get excited about that are coming our way tomorrow.

In honor of its 40th anniversary, the original Friday the 13th is getting a Limited Edition Steelbook release this week, and in terms of modern slashers, you’ll definitely want to pick up The Hills Run Red from Scream Factory (featuring a commentary track with my Horror BFF, Patrick Bromley). The fine fiends at Scream Factory also have the next Universal Horror Collection on tap this Tuesday, and if you happen to dig exploitation movies, you’ll definitely want to check out Horrors of Spider Island from Severin Films.

Other releases for June 16th include Wrestlemassacre, The Marshes, Kill Mode, The Mermaid’s Curse, Deadly Crush, Primal Scream, and Voodoo.

Friday the 13th: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook (Paramount Home Entertainment, Blu-ray)

Rip into a chilling new UNCUT DELUXE EDITION of Friday the 13th. With the addition of unrated footage, and insightful special features, plunge deeper into the film that spawned eleven sequels and the genre’s unstoppable bad guy, Jason Voorhees. A new owner and several young counselors gather to reopen Camp Crystal Lake, where a young boy drowned and several vicious murders occurred years earlier. They’ve ignored the locals? warnings that the place has a death curse? and one by one they find out how unlucky Friday the 13th can be as they are stalked by a violent killer.

The Hills Run Red (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

You heard the story. The one about the goriest, bloodiest splatter flick ever, the one made in the '80s but mysteriously lost. Flash forward to now: Young cinema buffs search for the secret location where the movie was shot, hoping to find the film. What they find is that the goriest, bloodiest splatter flick ever is more than a movie. It's real. And it's happening to them. The Hills Run Red vaults into a whole new level of horror as the terrified interlopers confront a demented killer who covers his hacked-up face with a baby doll mask. Wait, Babyface is just a character from the movie, right? Wrong. He's alive. He's waiting. He's thrilled to meet fans who will die – slowly, gruesomely, shockingly – for his art. Get ready to meet a new horror icon, Babyface!

Bonus Features:

- NEW Audio Commentary With Director Dave Parker And Patrick Bromley Of "F This Movie" Podcast

- NEW Audio Commentary With Director Dave Parker And Filmmakers Joe Lynch And Adam Green

- NEW Deep In The Red – An Interview With Writer David J. Schow And Director Dave Parker

- NEW Running To The Hills – An Interview With Executive Producer Erik Olsen

- NEW Musical Terror – An Interview With Composer Frederik Wiedmann

- NEW Friday The 13th, June 2008 – A Tour Of The Set With Director Dave Parker (Never Before Seen)

- NEW The Hills Are Alive... With The Sound Of Improv – Interviews With The Cast (Never Before Seen)

- NEW William Sadler As Wilson Wyler Concannon – An Interview With The Actor From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Janet Montgomery As Serina – An Interview With The Actress From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Sophie Monk As Alexa Concannon – An Interview With The Actress From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Tad Hilgenbrink As Tyler – An Interview With The Actor From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Alex Wyndham As Lalo – An Interview With The Actor From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Interview With Producer Robert Meyer Burnett From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Interview With Production Designer Antonello Rubino From The Set (Never Before Seen)

- NEW Production Scrapbook

- NEW Original Animatic For The Proof Of Concept Trailer

- NEW Proof Of Concept Trailer

- Original Audio Commentary With Director Dave Parker, Writer David J. Schow And Producer Robert Meyer Burnett

- It's Not Real Until You Shoot It: The Making Of The Hills Run Red

- Trailer

Horrors of Spider Island (Severin Films, Blu-ray)

Produced in 1960 as BODY IN THE WEB, it became a notorious Adults Only feature throughout Europe (though banned in the UK). Three years later and sheared of its nudity, it was repackaged for American audiences as a brain- melting monster movie filled with stripper-cat-fights, skimpy lingerie and radioactive arachnids. Alexander D'Arcy, whose Hollywood career ranged from Leo McCarey's THE AWFUL TRUTH to Al Adamson's BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE, and 'The German Jayne Mansfield' Barbara Valentin (BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ) star in "the ultimate exploitation movie" (, produced by Wolf C. Hartwig of BLOODY MOON and SCHOOL GIRL REPORT infamy.

Severin Films is proud to present both the complete uncensored version, scanned from the Düsseldorf dupe negative, as well as the alternate U.S. release, scanned from a pristine low con print - now together for the first time.

- Limited Edition Slip Case (Limited to 3000 units)
- Alternate US Release Version - IT'S HOT IN PARADISE
- The History of Spider Island - With Prof. Dr. Marcus Stiglegger
- Audio Interview with Actor Alexander D'Arcy by Horror Historian David Del Valle
- Alternate Clothed Scenes
- Trailer

The Marshes (RLJE Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

When a group of young microbiologists head deep into the Australian wilderness to test water samples, they inadvertently enter the domain of a mysterious local. As they travel through the marshes, he stalks their every move, determined to kill anyone who enters his land.

Universal Horror Collection: Volume 5 (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Get Ready for More Thrills and Chills! Volume 5 of the Universal Horror Collection includes four tales of terror from the archives of Universal Pictures, the true home of classic horror. A mobster's brain is transplanted into an ape who carries out his revenge in The Monster and The Girl. A mad scientist turns an ape into a beautiful, but deadly woman in Captive Wild Woman. Jungle Woman, the sequel to Captive Wild Woman, is an eerie thriller with all the danger of wild animals on the loose and a sexy killer on the prowl! And in the Jungle Captive, a scientist has experimented on re-animating animals ... but now he has decided to go one step further and re-animate a human! 

Universal Horror Collection Vol. 5 Includes:

Special Features:

- NEW 2K scan of a fine grain film element

- NEW Audio Commentary with film historians Tom Weaver and Steve Kronenberg

Special Features:

- NEW Audio Commentary with film historian/author Tom Weaver

- Theatrical Trailer

- Still Gallery 

Special Features:

- NEW 2K scan of a fine grain film element

- NEW Audio Commentary with film historian Gregory William Mank

- Still Gallery

Special Features:

- NEW 2K scan of a fine grain film element

- NEW Audio Commentary by film historian Scott Gallinghouse

- Theatrical Trailer

Wrestlemassacre (Wild Eye Releasing, DVD)

Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, he is only met with abject humiliation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school pushes Randy over the edge and sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him.


Candy Corn (Epic Pictures, Blu-ray)

Deadly Crush (Dark Side Releasing, Blu-ray)

Driven (Uncork’d Entertainment, DVD)

The Giant Spider Invasion (Dark Force Entertainment, Blu-ray) 

The Jonestown Haunting (4Digital, DVD) 

Kill Mode (RLJE Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

The Mermaid’s Curse (ITN Releasing, DVD)

Primal Scream (Dark Force Entertainment, Blu-ray)

Project: Metalbeast (Invincible Pictures, DVD)

Voodoo (Wild Eye Raw, DVD)

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