Initially released in 1983, Douglas McKeown's The Deadly Spawn has never had an officially licensed toy... until now. Justin Ishmael has teamed up with producer Ted Bohus to enlist the talents of artist James Groman (Madballs) to sculpt a screen accurate recreation of the toothy creature from The Deadly Spawn, and a Kickstarter campaign is now underway to fund the figure, which is accompanied by a seven-inch Larvae toy: 

Press Release: "Justin Ishmael / ISH Presents the Officially Licensed Vinyl figure for the 1983 Horror Classic THE DEADLY SPAWN. At 12:01am on Tuesday, August 28th, Ish launches a 30-DAY Kickstarter to help create the first ever vinyl figure for one of his favorite low budget monster movies!


ISH, under license from producer Ted Bohus, utilized the talents of toy legend James Groman (Madballs, My Pet Monster, Barnyard Commandos) to sculpt both the full grown 9" Deadly Spawn figure and also the "Larvae" 7" Deadly Spawn toy.

THE DEADLY SPAWN KICKSTARTER [went] live this Tuesday AUGUST 28th at Midnight/ 12:01am PST. Fans will be able to back the Kickstarter and reserve figures for 30 days and "Early Bird" backers will have the opportunity to acquire sets at drastically reduced prices, but supplies will be limited!"

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