Fright Rags will pay tribute to those smiling invaders from above with their Killer Klowns from Outer Space T-shirt collection.

From Fright Rags: "On Wednesday, May 11 we will be unleashing a slew of new goodies based on one of my favorites, Killer Klowns From Outer Space! Ever since we signed on with MGM to do this, I've been excited about all the fun we could have with this one. Take a look at all the items in our exclusive release, coming Wednesday, May 11 at 10am EST!

Killer Klowns Box Set - Limited to 500

Price: $47
Sizes: S-5X, Girls S-2X
- t-shirt by Justin Osbourn
- microwave popcorn
- scratch 'n sniff sticker sheet (cotton candy)
- collector's box

Killer Klowns V2

by Abrar Ajmal
PRICE: $27
SIZES: S-5X, Girls S-2X

Killer Klowns V3

by Godmachine
PRICE: $27
SIZES: S-5X, Girls S-2X)

Killer Klowns V4

by Joshua Budich
PRICE: $27
SIZES: S-5X, Girls S-2X

Killer Klowns V5

by Scarecrowoven
PRICE: $27
SIZES: S-5X, Girls S-2X

Killer Klowns V1 Baseball Tee

by Justin Osbourn
PRICE: $37

Killer Klowns 18x24 Screenprinted Poster
Limited to 150

by Andrew Swainson
PRICE: $35

Killer Klowns 18x24 Screenprinted Poster (Popcorn Variant)
Limited to 50

by Andrew Swainson
PRICE: $45

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