If you've marked your calendar in anticipation of Kino Lorber's high-definition release of The Crimson Cult in April, then you'll have to use your eraser, because the release of the Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee-starring film has been postponed. There's good news for Mario Bava and John Saxon fans, though, as the same distributor has announced the upcoming release of 1963's The Evil Eye on Blu-ray.

Originally scheduled to hit shelves on April 14th, The Crimson Cult Blu-ray has been delayed, with no new release date set at this time. Giallo fans can look forward to the release of The Evil Eye (aka The Girl Who Knew Too Much) on Blu-ray sometime in May. Special features have not yet been revealed for The Evil Eye, but you can check out the cover art below, as well as the announced bonus features for The Crimson Cult (via Kino Lorber). We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on both Blu-ray releases.

The Crimson Cult Blu-ray Bonus Features:

  • Audio Commentary by Horror Historian David Del Valle and Actress Barbara Steele
  • “Creating the Curse of the Crimson Altar” Featurette
  • In Conversation with Christopher Lee
  • Theatrical Trailers

“In this spooky thriller, an evil sorcerer invites an innocent young man and his girl friend to his dark and scary mansion. The two have no idea that the black magician is planning to sacrifice the young man to atone for the evil misdeeds of his ancestors who 200 years ago burned the wizard’s relative, a witch, at the stake. A crazy party precedes the gruesome ritual. Fortunately for the young couple the sage Professor March (80-year-old Boris Karloff in one of his final films) is also a skilled magic maker and is there to save them.”

The Evil Eye (aka The Girl Who Knew Too Much):

"Nora is a young tourist traveling through Rome which takes a sudden turn when she witnesses a murder by a serial killer that the police have sought for years for the so-called Alphabet Killings, and Nora soon finds herself in way-over-her-head trouble when the police want her cooperation to catch the killer while the mystery killer soon targets her for his next victim."

Directed by Mario Bava, The Evil Eye stars Letícia Román, John Saxon, and Valentina Cortese.

Source: Kino Lorber
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