"Full scream ahead." This year marks two decades since the release of Stephen Sommers' Deep Rising, and to celebrate the sea-centric horror film, Kino Lorber will unleash a 20th anniversary special edition Blu-ray on August 21st. Ahead of its release, we have a look at the cover art and full list of Blu-ray special features and specs, including a restoration taken from a 4K scan of the original camera negative (so get ready to watch that jet ski explosion scene like never before).

From Kino Lorber: "Coming August 21st on DVD and Blu-ray!
Restored from a 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative!

Deep Rising (20th Anniversary Special Edition) Includes optional English subtitles
Starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. O’Connor, Wes Studi, Jason Flemyng, Cliff Curtis, Clifton Powell and Djimon Hounsou – Music by Jerry Goldsmith (The Omen) – Shot by Howard Atherton (Fatal Attraction) – Edited by Bob Ducsay (Looper) and John Wright (Speed) – Written and Directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy)

Special Features:

• Audio Commentary by Director Stephen Sommers and Editor Bob Ducsay
• Interview with actor Wes Studi
• Interview with actor Kevin O'Connor
• Interview with actor Anthony Heald
• Interview with second unit director Dean Cundey
• Interview with VFX John Berton (ILM)
• Interview with VFX Van Ling (Banned from the Ranch Entertainment)
• Interview with Brad Proctor (SFX/Make-Up)
• Interview with Doug Morrow (SFX/Make-Up)
• Interview with Cinematographer Howard Atherton
• ILM Behind-the-Scenes Extras (Animatic Sequence/Creature/Tests/Etc.)
• Newly Commissioned Art by Jacob Phillips
• Animated Image Gallery (Stills and Behind-the-Scenes)
• Reversible Blu-ray Art
• Limited Edition O-Card Slipcase
• 5.1 Surround and Lossless 2.0 Stereo Audio
• Theatrical Trailer"

Synopsis (via Blu-ray.com): "When a band of ruthless hijackers invade the world's most luxurious cruise ship, they're shocked to discover the passengers have mysteriously vanished! But that doesn't mean they are alone! Something terrifying is lurking just out of sight: a deadly force from the unexplored depths of the ocean that begins to snatch the horrified intruders one by one!"

Theatrical trailer:

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