George A. Romero has given life to some incredibly memorable zombies in his movies, and Land of the Dead's Big Daddy is right up there with Day of the Dead's Bub as a zombie that evolved over time. Played by actor Eugene Clark in the 2005 film, the river-crossing zombie leader will be appearing at multiple Halloween parties this season, as he's being immortalized in impressively detailed mask form for the first time. Fiddler's Green residents better start running.

From Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios, the Official Land of the Dead Big Daddy Zombie Halloween Mask was sculpted by Rich Krusell and is now available to pre-order for $59.99 and is set to ship between August and September. We have images and a video of the Big Daddy mask below (courtesy of Trick or Treat Studios!). To learn more, visit:

"Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present for the first time ever, the Official Land of the Dead Big Daddy Zombie Halloween Mask from George A Romero's Classic Zombie film, Land of the Dead!

This mask is an identical replica of the make worn by the most fomous Zombie in the Universal Studios classic, Land of the Dead.

Sculpted by Rich Krusell, ever detail of Big Daddy can be found in this amazing mask.

So order your Official Land of the Dead Big Daddy mask today and get yourself a mechanics outfit and go terroize the town!

Pre-Order Now to Guarantee Your Copy!

We only produce once per year, so if you pre-order, you'll get one!

Mask will ship between August and September 2014"


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