If you're on the hunt for a last minute Valentine's Day gift, Fright Rags has released a limited edition shirt design for My Bloody Valentine that is available today only:

"Ok, so the corner store was out of that fancy Russel Stover heart-shaped box of chocolates with the ruffles on it. Never fear....because our My Bloody Valentine Limited Edition is now available!

Remember, this exclusive shirt will only be available for 24 HOURS! That's right, as soon as the clock strikes 11:59pm EST TONIGHT, the link below will disappear... We're only printing this design ONCE, so if you want one, click the link below to grab it now!...

24 HOURS ONLY : This t-shirt will only be available from 12:01am-11:59pm EST Tuesday, February 14. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on February 15, the link to this limited edition t-shirt will no longer be active. Please note that this is Eastern Standard Time, so check your time zone as these times may be earlier or later, depending on where you live.


PRICE : $25.95 per shirt / $45.95 per hoodie"

For order information, visit Fright Rags' official promo page: http://www.fright-rags.com/my-bloody-valentine-limited-edition-p-633.html