Writer/director Eric England has made a name for himself in the horror genre by bending familiar genres into new and unique shapes, whether it's his debut feature Madison County, a take on the slasher movie mixed with ’70s survival horror, or 2013's Contracted, his version of a body horror film and more (although to say exactly what would spoil one of that movie's best surprises). England's fourth feature, Get the Girl, continues this tradition of genre-bending by mashing up a dark comedy, heist movie, crime thriller, and romance into one slick, sharp package.

Daily Dead recently spoke with England (listen below) about the process of writing and directing Get the Girl and how it differs from his previous work. As always, England is candid and funny in talking about his movie—arguably his most accomplished effort to date.

Get the Girl is available on VOD and iTunes now. Genre fans should totally watch it.