On this episode of Daily Dead's official podcast, Corpse Club co-hosts Bryan Christopher and Scott Drebit continue their retrospective series on the Phantasm franchise with a look back at Don Coscarelli's Phantasm IV: Oblivion with special guest Peter Hearn, writer/director of Scrawl and writer/co-producer of Dead Air!

Whether you've seen the entire Phantasm franchise more times than you can remember, or you're experiencing its nightmarish scares for the first time, join Bryan, Scott, and Peter for this insightful reflection on Phantasm IV: Oblivion... just be sure to watch out for The Tall Man and his Sentinel Spheres!

Also, keep an eye out for Bryan and Scott's conclusion to their Phantasm retrospective with their upcoming Corpse Club episode on the fifth film in the franchise, Phantasm: Ravager!

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