She's been working in the horror genre for over 30 years, but Barbara Crampton is just getting started. Whether you look at her prolific recent work or her memorable roles from past decades, Crampton is someone who should always be celebrated when you talk about the most influential figures in horror cinema. Thankfully, that's exactly what co-hosts Patrick Bromley and Heather Wixson do on their new "Horrigins" episode of Daily Dead's Corpse Club podcast.

In a new "Horrigins" installment of Corpse Club, co-hosts Patrick Bromley and Heather Wixson celebrate the eclectic film career of Barbara Crampton. In addition to their fond reflections on Crampton's collaborations with Stuart Gordon in films like Re-Animator and From Beyond and her roles in cult films like Chopping Mall, the Corpse Club discuss the actress' remarkable resurgence in movies directed by some of the most exciting horror filmmakers of the 21st century, including her work in You're NextWe Are Still Here, and Beyond the Gates. As a passionate fan of the genre she's given so much to, Crampton has also been influential off-screen with key insights into the industry, and this episode shines a light on her thought-provoking observations about the genre we all know and love. So sit back, relax, and listen to the Corpse Club give thanks to the one and only Barbara Crampton—just make sure no robots followed you home from your shopping spree at the mall...

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