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You're so cool, Corpse Clubbers! Over thirty years ago, Tom Holland brought undead scares into the suburbs with his directorial debut, Fright Night, introducing viewers to a lovable cast of characters that includes Peter Vincent, Evil Ed, and the suave vampire next door, Jerry Dandrige. The film's effects, performances, and clever writing have made it a fixture of the horror genre over the past three decades, making it the perfect bloodsucking subject for the Corpse Club to sink their teeth into on the latest "Horrigins" episode of Daily Dead's podcast.

In a special "Horrigins" installment of Corpse Club, co-hosts Patrick Bromley and Heather Wixson discuss Tom Holland's directorial debut, Fright Night (1985), including their first experiences watching the "vampire next door" movie, the film's endearing blend of horror and humor, the intriguing cast of characters, the movie's most humanizing moments, and they also talk about the 1988 sequel and the 2011 remake. So, hang some garlic in front of your windows, take another peek next door, and welcome to Fright Night on Corpse Club... for real.

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