He brought us into the home of the Firefly family, took us on the road with The Devil's Rejects, pulled back the curtain on the mind of Michael Myers, introduced us to the brain-bending music of The Lords, and played a deadly game of 31 one fateful Halloween night. Blending his love of horror with a bold visual style honed during countless concert performances, Rob Zombie's filmmaking career is one of the more intriguing ones of the last 20 years, and the Corpse Club eagerly emerge from their crypt to discuss the director's popular yet polarizing movies on the latest episode of Daily Dead's podcast.

In episode 19 of Corpse Club, co-hosts Patrick Bromley, Heather Wixson, Scott Drebit, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James discuss the films of Rob Zombie, beginning with his shocking feature debut, House of 1000 Corpses, and ending with his most recent film, 31. The ghoulish gang reflect upon Zombie's two-movie reimagining of Halloween, his visceral look at violence in The Devil's Rejects, the haunting atmosphere of The Lords of Salem, what makes his movies so popular and polarizing among horror fans, and much more. So grab yourself some tutti frutti ice cream, sit back, relax, and listen... just make sure you don't play that latest song by The Lords...

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