Now that the time has come to re-enter Broke Jaw Ranch with the return of Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead ’Cast team has a lot to discuss on the latest episode of their podcast, and you can also hear their fond reflections on the legacy of George A. Romero and his work on a recent episode.

From The Walking Dead ’Cast"FTWD is back, and we thought these couple of episodes had a slow start but had some great moments, some unpleasant ones, and some great unpleasant ones! :) Join Jason and Duncan as we talk it all out. This podcast is made possible by listeners like you who have supported us at So thank you! Some Patreon news: Our exclusive It-focused podcast episode will be available within a day or so to all Patreon supports at any level. Our next call-in show (with Jason and Karen) will be on Thurs, Sep 21 at 5pm Pacific. Join us! In November, we'll be offering a free trial to be apart of our FB group where we chat about all the shows we love and pretty much whatever else crosses our minds!

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