As a treat for Daily Dead readers, we have an early look at the short film Black Orchid Challenge, in which streaming goes terribly wrong. Written and directed by Kevin Cappiello and starring Brooklyn Allan, you can watch the short in its entirety below. We also have some exclusive comments from Kevin Cappiello about the short and its inspiration:

"Black Orchid Challenge is really a film about the death of a live streamer's career. The fear of facing the real world after it inevitably ends. In some ways, The Black Orchid represents the looming end. You know it’s coming, but you can’t stop it.

After watching the short film, you might assume that I was inspired by films like Ringu (1998) or Unfriended (2014) but in reality, I was thinking about David Cronenberg's Videodrome (1983.) Videodrome explored how the things we consume on television project into our real lives. I wanted to explore how the things we consume on the internet project into our real lives.

The original script dove into these themes much deeper. In earlier versions, we switched to a mobile view and walked around the house. We had actually built our own Videodrome style “Flesh Monitor” rig where a hand was meant to come through a computer screen. Ultimately, we realized that the film was most effective when confined to the perspective of a computer screen.

Regardless, I hope people walk away with a satisfying scare. The opening line of the short asks “Is this one of those jump scare games?” And the short ends up being ultimately just that. At a bite-sized runtime of 4 minutes, this short was designed to be a shareable scare just in time for Halloween.”

Black Orchid Challenge premieres officially on October 19th at

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