Malcolm McDowell is starring in The Employer, a movie that was just released to VOD and will be available on Blu-ray/DVD next month. I had a chance to briefly talk to the legendary genre actor about his reason for taking on this indie project that we recently featured as part of our Indie Spotlight. We also have the trailer and more release details for our readers who are interested in checking it out.

I'm a big fan of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and this movie had the type of story that could have fit in one of those series. We talked about this being different from a Saw copy and he agreed: "I completely agree with you. It’s exactly that kind of vibe and that’s what drew me to it. I rather liked it because I love The Twilight Zone and this has that kind of strangeness about it."

While Malcolm is a significant part of the movie, he also only filmed for a short period of time: "It was a fun part to play and I only worked three days on the movie. We had to shoot fairly fast. A lot of it is behind that desk and I was racking my brain trying to make it different. They had no money, but it was interesting enough that I thought we should make it. Three days of my life is really nothing and it was fun to do. They really cast it well and cast it with real actors over just names. Everyone cast was really good and I loved it."

He told me a big part of the reason he took on this project was the passion from writer/director Frank Merle: "Frank is wonderful. I could safely say that this is a calling card for him to make bigger budget movies because he so talented. He did such a great job with limited resources. He did brilliantly well and the script was good, in terms of the logistics. It was a character driven piece with only a few locations. I think everyone on it did really well."

Here more information about the movie and the official trailer:

"Director / Writer / Producer Frank Merle (“Carnage, Chaos & Creeps,” “Gnaw”) and his new psychological thriller “The Employer” show just how-far five applicants are willing to go for a job at the mysterious Carcharias Corporation. Anticipating their final interview, they find themselves trapped in a room where The Employer (Malcolm McDowell) leaves them with only one choice: survive. It’s kill or be killed in this Darwinian game of wits and the one who makes it out alive… lands the job. The plot is complete with twists and turns leaving the audience asking themselves, “How far would I go?”

Starring Malcolm McDowell (“A Clockwork Orange,” “The Mentalist,” “Entourage,” “Franklin & Bash”); Paige Howard (“Adventureland”); Billy Zane(“Titanic,” “Back to the Future,” “Dead Calm”); and David Dastmalchian (“The Dark Knight,” “Saving Lincoln,” “Prisoners”)."

The Employer will be available starting on June 7th on-demand, with a Blu-ray/DVD release taking place on July 2nd. Learn more at: