Scream Factory celebrated the Halloween season last year by announcing their upcoming Collector's Edition Blu-ray release of Michael Mann's Manhunter, which now has an official May 24th release date, along with new cover art by Christopher Franchi.

From Scream Factory: "Our Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of this serial killer classic (which introduced to the world the character of “Hannibal”) will be landing on May 24th. Extras are in progress and will be announced in full at a later date but we can confirm today that this will be a 2-disc set and that Michael Mann himself is directly involved with our release!

With this official street date announce also comes the reveal of our newly-designed key art which was illustrated by new designer Christopher Franchi. If you order directly through at you’ll also receive this on a FREE limited-edition 18” x 24” poster with purchase (and while supplies last).

Purists take note: The original theatrical key art will be on the reverse wrap as always on all (well, most) of our Collector Edition releases."

Cover art from Facebook:

Source: Facebook
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