He showed us a terrifying world plagued by the living dead in his seminal novels World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, but his Extinction Parade comic book series added another predator for humans to fear: vampires. Launched in January 2014, Brooks' comic series at Avatar Press has now been optioned for an original TV series.

Picked up by Legendary Television and Digital, Extinction Parade's casting and airing details are still unknown, but Bleeding Cool reports that Max Brooks will write the show's pilot episode and will also be a major creative influence throughout the show's development, perhaps like Robert Kirkman is on AMC's The Walking Dead.

So, why did Brooks choose Legendary Television and Digital to adapt his latest work? He explained his decision:

"I only brought the idea to one company, Legendary, because they do the kind of quality work of which any writer would be proud. While the comic series from Avatar continues, I am thrilled to be working with Legendary to develop Extinction Parade into an innovative new series for television."

If you're not familiar with Extinction Parade, here's the comic book's synopsis:

"Extinction Parade tells the story of the aristocratic vampire race and how their slow and self centered way of life causes them to miss the extinction of man happening in front of them as the zombie plague wipes out the human race. This is how a species dies."

We'll keep you posted on further Extinction Parade developments.

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