After a few quiet weeks of home releases, this Tuesday is shaping up to be a great day for horror & sci-fi fans looking to expand their Blu-ray & DVD collections, because we have some killer titles heading home. Arrow Video is giving Alejandro Jodorowsky’s masterpiece Santa Sangre the 4K treatment with a multi-disc collection, and Severin Films is celebrating two William Girdler classics with their Special Edition releases for Grizzly and Day of the Animals as well. Scream Factory is keeping busy this Tuesday with their Blus for He Knows You’re Alone and Eyes of a Stranger, and if you missed it when it was released earlier this year, you can finally catch up with Son, featuring Andi Mattichak this week, too.

Other Blu-ray & DVD releases for May 18th include Hunted, Amityville Poltergeist, The Seventh Day, and Baxter. 

Day of the Animals: Special Edition (Severin Film, Blu-ray)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the wilderness, director William Girdler and producer Ed Montoro sought to top their surprise blockbuster GRIZZLY with a bigger budget, larger cast, and even more nature-gone-berserk carnage: When a hole in the Earth's ozone layer triggers bloodthirsty madness throughout the animal kingdom, all mankind - particularly a group of tourists on an overnight hike - will become their prey. Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Richard Jaeckel, Michael Ansara, Andrew Stevens and Leslie Nielsen - in his now-legendary pre-AIRPLANE! performance that ''is worth the price of admission alone'' (DVD Talk) - star in ''one of the most outrageous offerings the drive-in has ever known'' (Pop Matters), now featuring a 2K scan from the internegative and howling with Special Features produced exclusively for this edition.


  • Audio Commentary with Lee Gambin, Author of 'Massacred by Mother Nature: Exploring the Natural Horror Film'
  • Animal Boy Interview with Actor Bobby Porter
  • Against Nature Interview with Actor Andrew Stevens
  • Unleashed Interview with Stunt Coordinator Monty Cox
  • Something Was Out There: Day of the Animals 30 Years Later Archival Making Of DAY OF THE ANIMALS Featurette
  • Still Gallery
  • TV Spot
  • Trailers

Eyes of a Stranger (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

A lovely blind and deaf teen reaches for a plate she just put on the counter. It's gone. She reaches again…and it's back in its original place. Someone is playing a cruel game with her. That someone is the serial killer terrorizing Miami in this terrifying thriller from the production company behind the original Friday The 13th and the director of Shock Waves. Making memorable movie debuts are Jennifer Jason Leigh (Single White Female, Annihilation, Possessor) as that endangered but not helpless girl and Lauren Tewes (The Love Boat) as her TV newscaster sister, whose investigation inadvertently leads the killer (John DiSanti, The Relic) to her home. With a final sequence that will leave you breathless, this Stranger delivers face-to-face fear as few other films can.

Bonus Content:

  • 2K Scan of the Interpositive
  • Turning the Tables – An Interview with Director Ken Wiederhorn
  • Sunshine State Stalker – An Interview with Actor John DiSanti
  • Master Slashers – An Interview with Special Makeup Effects Artists Tom Savini and Dean Gates
  • Audio Interview with Composer Richard Einhorn and Actor Peter DuPre
  • Audio Commentary with Genre Film Critic Justin Kerswell and Film Historian Amanda Reyes
  • Rare Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery

Grizzly: Special Edition (Severin Films, Blu-ray)

Less than a year after the release of Steven Spielberg's shark blockbuster, director William Girdler (DAY OF THE ANIMALS) and infamous distributor Film Ventures International (GREAT WHITE) brazenly unleashed their own 'JAWS with claws' sensation that would become one of the most successful independent horror films in history. Christopher George (PIECES), Andrew Prine (BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD) and Richard Jaeckel (THE DARK) star in this ''bloody, sexy and immortal trash classic'' (Mondo Digital) about an 18-foot-tall ursus arctos horribilis on a carnivorous rampage through a state park full of campers, and the ranger, chopper pilot and naturalist who must stop it. GRIZZLY now roars with a 2k scan from the internegative plus Special Features produced exclusively for this edition


  • Audio Commentary with Mondo Digital's Nathaniel Thompson and Film Writer Troy Howarth
  • The Grizzly Details Interview with Producer David Sheldon and Actress Joan McCall
  • Towering Fury Interview with Actor Tom Arcuragi
  • 'NIGHTMARE USA' Author Stephen Thrower On William Girdler
  • Movie Making in the Wilderness Vintage Behind-the-Scenes Making Of Featurette
  • Jaws with Claws Archival Making Of GRIZZLY Featurette
  • Radio Spots
  • Trailers

He Knows You’re Alone (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Now you see him. Now you don't. The face of a killer appears out of the darkness and just as quickly disappears. A young woman has an eerie feeling someone is stalking her. Another beauty steps into a shower…and a bathroom door handle slowly turns. We're in slasher-flick territory—and also in a rare realm of film history, because screen icon Tom Hanks makes his movie debut in this shocker. The up-and-coming legend plays the brief supporting role of Elliot, a psych major whose musings about the nature of fear reinforce the tone of this twisted tale about a sicko who targets brides-to-be…and a detective who scrambles to stop the carnage. Wedded bliss can be very short-lived when He Knows You're Alone.

Bonus Content:

  • 2K Scan of the Interpositive
  • It Came from Staten Island – An Interview with Director Armand Mastroianni
  • Shooting in My Own Backyard – An Interview with Producer Robert Di Milia
  • Godspells and Blood Weddings – An Interview with Actor Don Scardino
  • Violence Is Implied – An Interview with Writer Scott Parker
  • Audio Commentary with Director Armand Mastroianni and Writer Scott Parker
  • Original Theatrical
  • Trailer
  • Original TV Spots

Santa Sangre 4K (Severin Films, 4K Ultra HD/Blu/CD Combo & DVD)

It has been hailed as ''extraordinary'' (The Guardian), ''visionary and haunting'' (Rolling Stone) and ''a grand work of art, full of symbols and imagery that reach beyond language to something primal and original'' (AV Club). Now forget everything you have ever seen as the modern masterpiece from director Alejandro Jodorowsky returns like never before, with 8+ hours of archival & all-new Special Features. Severin Films is proud to present this 4-Disc Deluxe Edition of Jodorowsky's epic odyssey through ecstasy and anguish, belief and blasphemy, beauty and madness - and the surreal genius behind it all - now featuring a 4K scan from the original negative supervised by the director himself.


  • 4K Ultra HD Disc featuring a 4K scan from the original negative supervised by Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • Presentation of 'Santa Sangre' on Blu-ray
  • Soundtrack CD
  • FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN: The World of Santa Sangre -- Feature length documentary with Co-Writer / Director Alejandro Jodorowsky, Actors Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Thelma Tixou, Sabrina Dennison, Adan Jodorowsky, Elenka Tapia, Teo Tapia
  • New Blood - Alejandro Jodorowsky on the restoration of SANTA SANGRE
  • Like A Phoenix - Interview with Producer Claudio Argento
  • Holy Blood - Interview with Cinematographer Danielle Nannuzzi
  • Mexican Magic - Interview with Executive Producer Angelo Iacono
  • The Language of Editing - Interview with Editor Mauro Bonanni
  • Innocence in Horror - Interview with Screenwriter Roberto Leoni
  • Santa Sangre 30th Anniversary Celebration at Morbido Festival, Mexico City
  • Audio Commentary with Alejandro Jodorowsky and Journalist Alan Jones
  • Goyo Cárdenas Spree Killer - Documentary on the Real Life Inspiration for SANTA SANGRE
  • Jodorowsky 2003 Interview
  • Jodorowsky on Stage Q & A
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Director Commentary
  • ECHECK - Adan Jodorowsky Short Film
  • Simon Boswell Interviews Jodorowsky
  • 'Close Your Eyes' Simon Boswell Music Video
  • BLINK JODOROWSKY Short by Simon Boswell
  • Theatrical Trailer

Son (RLJE Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

After a mysterious group of individuals breaks into Laura’s home and attempts to abduct her eight-year-old son, David, the two of them flee town in search of safety. But soon after the failed kidnapping, David becomes extremely ill, suffering from increasingly sporadic psychosis and convulsions. Following her maternal instincts to save him, Laura commits unspeakable acts to keep him alive, but soon she must decide how far she is willing to go to save her son. 


Amityville Poltergeist (Breaking Glass Pictures, DVD)

Baxter (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray)

Hunted (RLJE Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

The Seventh Day (Lionsgate, DVD)

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