Mezco Toyz is making it easier for Freddy Krueger to haunt you outside of your dreams with their new talking Freddy Krueger Living Dead Doll.

Priced at $50.00 and expected to ship out sometime between May and July of this year, Mezco's talking Freddy doll stands 10 inches tall, includes five points of articulation, and can say one of seven unsettling phrases when you push the button on his back.

Collectors who purchased Mezco's new mega-scale Jason Voorhees figure (also with its own sound effect) can perhaps reenact their favorite scenes from Freddy vs. Jason after both of these figures arrive on their doorstep.

Read on for additional details, visit Mezco's site for more information, and check out the official photo gallery of the new Freddy Living Dead Doll below:

From Mezco Toyz: "One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…

Freddy Krueger returns to the world of The Living Dead Dolls with the first licensed talking Living Dead Doll ever produced. The grotesquely disfigured star of 9 Nightmare On Elm Street films says 7 fiendishly fun film phrases.

Freddy features an all-new head sculpt that captures his sardonic smile and infamous visage. He wears his distinctive striped sweater as seen in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street film and comes complete with his trademark razor glove and removable hat.

The Living Dead Dolls Presents A Nightmare On Elm Street Talking Freddy Krueger stands a full 10inches tall and has 5 points of articulation. To hear classic lines direct from the Nightmare On Elm Street series, simply press the discreetly hidden button on his back.

He is packaged in a die-cut window box perfect for display and watching you sleep!

Ships May–July 2018


Photos from Mezco Toyz:

Source: Mezco Toyz
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