One of Daily Dead's favorite experiences at Fantasia Fest this summer was attending prolific horror journalist Michael Gingold's presentation for his new book, Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s. A love letter to the heyday of ’80s horror, Ad Nauseam collects more than 450 print ads for horror movies, as well as vintage reviews and Gingold's always insightful commentary on both the genre and the way it was advertised in the ’80s. And if you didn't make it to Gingold's Fantasia presentation this summer, you can keep an eye out for the book this October from 1984 Publishing!

Coming out on October 9th, Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s can now be pre-ordered as a signed hardcover on 1984 Publishing's website and as a standard hardcover on Amazon.

If you have fond memories of sifting through the newspaper in the ’80s to look at the artwork for new horror movies, or if you're simply a fan of the decade when slasher movies and practical effects-fueled creature features ruled the cinemas, we highly recommend you check out Gingold's new book, which preserves a cherished era of the horror genre.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for preview pages from Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s, and check out the cover art and official synopsis below:

"Growing up in the 1980s, Michael Gingold became obsessed with horror movies, and his love of the genre led him to become a Fangoria writer and editor for nearly 30 years, as well as a Rue Morgue contributor. But before all that, he took his scissors to local newspapers, collecting countless ads for horror movies, big and small.

Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s is a year-by-year deep dive into the Gingold archive, with more than 450 ads! Within these pages you'll see rare alternate art for Gremlins, Child's Play, The Blob remake, and the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. You'll also revel in oddities including Psycho from Texas, Dracula Blows His Cool, Blood Hook, Zombie Island Massacre, and many more.

Gingold provides personal recollections and commentary, and unearths vintage reviews to reveal what critics of the time were saying about these films. He also interviews the men behind legendary exploitation distributor Aquarius Releasing to learn how they built buzz for shockers like Make Them Die Slowly and Doctor Butcher M.D.

Steel yourselves, genre junkies Ad Nauseam is an unmatched journey into the wild world of 1980s horror movies!"

  • Derek Anderson
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