If you've ever wanted to wear a Facehugger without suffering the gruesome side effects, then at least one of the items in Mondo's new wave of Alien apparel should appeal to you. Ahead of Alien Day on April 26th, Mondo has released new items that pay tribute to Xenomorphs and their number one adversary, Ellen Ripley.

From Mondo: "This Tuesday - 4.26.16 - is "Alien Day" and we're thrilled to celebrate one of our favorite franchises with a line-up of posters, vinyl, apparel, pins and patches. Today, we're kicking things off with our apparel releases, which include knitwear designed by Middle of Beyond, t-shirt designed by Tyler Stout and a Xenomorph Head Pin.

Our second round of releases - posters & vinyl - will be available online on Alien Day (4/26) at 11AM CST! Check out release details here.

Also, if you're in Austin, stop by the Alien Day pop-up shop at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse! It's open now through next week.

Alien T-Shirt. Designed by Tyler Stout. Screen printed by Industry Print Shop 100% cotton Next Level Apparel tee. $30

Alien Knit Sweater. Designed by Middle of Beyond 100% acrylic heavy knit sweater Sizes XS - 3XL. $85

Chestburster Knit Sweater. Designed by Middle of Beyond 100% acrylic heavy knit sweater Sizes XS - 3XL. $85

Facehugger Knit Ski Mask. Designed by Middle of Beyond One size 100% acrylic ski mask. $30

Xenomorph Head Enamel Pin. 1" soft enamel pin with glow in the dark teeth. Designed by Bruce Yan. $10"

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