When it was released on the PlayStation in 1999, Silent Hill scared gamers for many reasons. For some, it was the fog. For others, the melted nurses. But perhaps most unsettling of all was the eerie soundtrack that made you imagine what horrible things could be lurking in that small town. This Wednesday, Mondo is taking gamers down memory lane with their Silent Hill soundtrack vinyl release, and we have official details and a look at the cover art.

From Mondo: "Hey all - big one this week! We're super excited to release two all-new horror scores - the soundtrack to the 1999 Survival Horror classic game, SILENT HILL, and 2017's criminally under-seen, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.

Also, we're excited to launch a Free Domestic Shipping / $10 Flat-Rate International Shipping promo today through Sunday (4/16) for all vinyl and CDs. Just in time, too, as we have a bunch of really fun re-stocks including copies of CASTLEVANIA, Joe LoDuca's EVIL DEAD: A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED 7-Inch, and an all new colorway of TURBO KID (Chronicles of the Wasteland) 2XLP.

All the titles below go on sale Wednesday at NOON (CST).

Silent Hill - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Konami Digital Entertainment. Artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Pressed on 180 Snowfall Colored Vinyl. $30

Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the soundtrack to the haunting 1999 original Playstation title, SILENT HILL.

Set in the eponymous town of SILENT HILL, you play as Harry Mason after a car crash leaves you stranded and searching for his missing adopted daughter, Cheryl. But this town is not what it seems, and Harry quickly discovers that his daughter's disappearance may be a connected to the town's mysterious cult activity.

Don't let the tone of the plucky mandolin driven opening track fool you; this is one of the most haunting soundtracks we've ever released. Full of hair-raising, pulse-pounding, industrial cues, the soundtrack to SILENT HILL is the stuff of nightmares. Which is important, since SILENT HILL (and its subsequent sequels) has its feet planted firmly in the legacy of survival horror gaming.

Pressed on 2X 180 Gram "Snow Fall" Colored Vinyl (Clear with Heavy White splatter) and featuring original artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly.


The Girl With All The Gifts - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Artwork by Jay Shaw. Disc 1: 180 Gram Green and Brown Swirl Vinyl. Disc 2: 180 Gram Red and Orange Swirl Vinyl. $35

We are absolutely thrilled to finally work with composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer. His work on the UK TV show UTOPIA is one of our most played records of the last few years, and he is surely one of the most original and unique voices in the world of soundtracks of the last decade. The fact that we get to work with him on one of the best zombie films in years is the icing on the cake.

Breathing new life into a stale genre is so hard to do, but THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS turns the genre on its head, managing to be intelligent, thrilling, scary and funny without sacrificing the gore or characterization. De Veer’s score is nothing short of astounding; it's haunting, beautiful and so multi-layered that we still haven’t tired of it after six months of constant listening. Here he delivers one of the standout scores for 2017 with all the hallmarks of a future classic. De Veer is one of the most exciting composers working today, creating eerie atmospheric pieces of music underscored with manipulated human voices that add a real sense of unease and tension to the film, but also create a truly unique listen as a multi-layered standalone record.

Available digitally now on our Bandcamp page."

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