While Darren Lynn Bousman is busy working on his latest film 11-11-11, he already has completed a remake of Mother's Day. Originally it was planned for release on April 1st, but that is no longer the case. This is, of course, due to fact that the PG-13 Insidious is opening on that same day. Shock Till You Drop got a chance to speak with Bousman, but he doesn't know much more than we do at this point:

"...for the most part, I get information the same time you do. When I wake up, I scour the genre sites seeing what, if any information has been released"

He mentioned that he has talked with the distributor and that they are hoping for a release in the second quarter of this year:

"I emailed back and forth over the weekend with one of peeps at the distribution company. They assured me again it is coming out in theaters here - it is not a DVD release. As for a date, that I can't give you. I know their plan is soon - as in second quarter of this year."

Bousman also discusses his relationship with the distributor of Mother's Day versus Lionsgate, and how he believes Mother's Day is his best film to date. To read more, visit the source link below.