Following their scary good Archie Comics collaboration last year, Cullen Bunn and Dan Schoening are reteaming to continue growing The Cult of That Wilkin Boy with the new one-shot Initiation, and ahead its April 24th release from Archie Comics, we have an exclusive preview to share with Daily Dead readers!

Now working in the music industry as a cunning manager, Bingo convinces musicians to swap their souls for stardom in our exclusive preview below, and here's what artist Dan Schoening had to say about continuing Bingo's hellish story:

"It's such an honor to come back and tell more of Bingo's story with such an amazingly talented team of creatives. This follow-up feels like a natural progression of a rock star that sold his soul for fame and fortune, and all the sacrifice that comes along with it. This time however, the stakes are much higher, and the scale of terror is much bigger in scope. We meet some new devilish characters that I had a great time designing, too. I was also afforded the opportunity to get rather grisly with a few panels, to which I hope offer a few shivers to the reader. That would certainly be music to my ears."

Cullen Bunn also shared his excitement for returning to Archie Comics for another round of "supernatural shenanigans" with Bingo:

"I'm so excited to have the chance to write a new Bingo story. INITIATION stands completely on its own as a fun, dark little horror tale. But, for those who have read THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY, it continues the tale of deviltry and supernatural shenanigans in an exciting way. Returning to this world, I wanted to tell a tale that was a natural progression for Bingo but was also an amplification of the nightmarish horror that surrounds him."

Additionally, Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial, Jamie L. Rotante (the author of the insightful Archie's House of Horror column on Daily Dead), discussed the importance of bringing Cullen and Dan back to continue telling Bingo's story:

"When we released THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY last year, we knew we had something special. I mean, how could we not with a team like Cullen and Dan? What was so apparent was that people were drawn to this story because of its concept and the gorgeous storytelling and art style, and as such, were willing to learn more about the character of Bingo Wilkin in the process. In this year's release, we're taking Bingo's harrowing journey a step further, in a Behind the Music-esque exploration of man’s rise, fall, and rise again. Plus even more demons than ever before, both literally and metaphorically!”

Below, you can check out our exclusive preview from The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Initiation, and for more information on Archie-themed horror, be sure to read Jamie L. Rotante's Archie's House of Horror column and visit Archie Comics' official website:


Returning to the world of last year’s successful THE CULT OF THAT WILKIN BOY, Bingo is now a music manager—and the devil incarnate. He’s initiating others by exchanging their souls for stardom. But is this what he really wants out of life? Is this what he worked so hard for? Bingo embarks on a quest to return to his first love: performing music. But the road back to superstardom isn’t going to be an easy one, and it’s going to take a lot of souls to get there.

Script: Cullen Bunn
Art: Dan Schoening, Ben Galvan
Colors: Matt Herms
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Dan Schoening, Luis Antonio Delgado
Variant Cover: Robert Hack
On Sale Date: 4/24
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Exclusive Preview:

Cover by Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado:

Variant Cover by Robert Hack:

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