The titular creatures in Joe Dante's Gremlins caused a lot of carnage in Kingston Falls during Christmastime, but it was their door-to-door caroling that might come to mind whenever singing strangers arrive on your doorstep each year. NECA is giving horror fans the chance to recreate the iconic caroling scene from Dante's 1984 horror comedy this upcoming holiday season with new Gremlins caroler figures that have more mischievous things on their minds than seasonal tunes and goodwill towards all.

Gremlins – 7” Scale Action Figure – Christmas Carol Winter Scene 2-Pack: "Celebrate the winter holidays with an action figure 2-pack from the original 1984 Gremlins movie! Any fan of the Gremlins movies knows the rules: keep them out of sunlight, don’t get them wet, and never feed them after midnight. Fail, and you'll be faced with some pretty sketchy characters, like these highly suspicious Christmas carolers.

These 7” scale figures (approximately 6” tall) feature over 25 points of articulation, including ears and jaw. For the task of distracting Mrs. Deagle while a companion makes some “modifications” to her stair lift, they’re dressed for the winter weather, and come with sheet music, candy, and gingerbread cookies.

Shipping Date: September 2019"

Photos from NECA:

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