After its 15th anniversary last summer, the celebration of Freddy vs. Jason continues with NECA's Ultimate Jason Voorhees figure based on Ken Kirzinger's appearance in the 2003 film, and ahead of the figure's release this July, a new photo gallery showcases several different versions of the slasher icon.

You can view photos of NECA's Freddy vs. Jason figure below, and be sure to visit NECA's Facebook page for a look at the full gallery!

Freddy vs. Jason Ultimate Jason Voorhees Figure: "The revenant Jason from the epic 2003 slasher mash-up Freddy vs Jason joins NECA’s Ultimate line! Resurrected by Freddy to terrorize the residents of Springwood, Jason begins his murderous rampage again. But when he won’t step aside for Freddy, a terrified town is caught in the middle of their battle!

This new Jason figure is even more sizable than other Ultimate Jasons, as appropriate for a horror showdown on the movie’s scale. He comes with 3 removable masks, 2 machetes (regular and bloody), teddy bear, and fire effect that can attach to either machete to recreate the final blistering battle.

Collector-friendly window box packaging with opening flap.

Release Date: July 2019"

Photos from Facebook:

Source: Facebook
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