NECA will join the Alien Day party on April 26th with an Ellen Ripley figure and mini-comic reprint that pay tribute to the Kenner collectible version released in 1993, and the figure's photos and release details have now been revealed.

Collectors looking to add this Ripley figure to their shelf will need to seek it out in limited stores next week or try their luck online:

From NECA: "IN STORE: Available only in Toys R Us and Hastings stores the week of 4/26.

ONLINE: A super limited number will be available on the Toys R Us website beginning 4/26 – use to take you there. While quantities last.

Celebrate Alien Day 2016 with a special edition tribute to the classic Kenner Ripley figure from the early ’90s! Lt. Ellen Ripley comes with bandolier and smartgun accessories, plus a commemorative reprint of the Dark Horse mini-comic that was included with the original release in 1993. The 7-inch scale figure features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver, and has over 25 points of articulation. The blister card packaging is an homage to the classic as well, and features a collectible file card with bio."

Photos from NECA:

Source: NECA
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